Valentine's Day spanking and loving

When we travel, I always take along the heart shaped metal studded leather paddle, besides a wooden hair brush. The paddle has become Cindy's favorite, and it is very EFFECTIVE!

Late in the afternoon, after cruising all day, we decided that Cindy should spank me with the paddle, as a Valentine's Day present.

In a cruise ship cabin, we always put on the television with music, reasonably loud, and open the bathroom door which is between the bed and the outer door.

After a little kissing and cuddling, i was soon bare bottomed over Cindy's knees, and she started the spanking. Cindy really enjoyed herself, and had my feet dancing as she would stay in one spot spanking until a reaction occurred, then move to another spot to repeat the procedure. She is getting much more comfortable spanking the tops of the back of my legs, so they received suitable attention.

As a special treat(?), she even pushed my bottom upwards a little so that the join of bottom to top of legs was fully exposed, and stretched, so that she could give this relative white area a nice red color.
By the time Cindy stopped, I was indeed well spanked.

The love making was awesome, and Cindy was wet from the beginning, showing that she really enjoyed spanking me.

Afterwards, a wonderful double Atlantic lobster tail served in the restaurant. My bottom was as red, as the cooked lobster.


bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Red, I wasn't but my hubby sure got his backside spanked to perfection. I made him dress up in sweet little girly out fit. Red mini skirt red high heels and white thigh highs. I put across my knee in front of his mother and sister and put the hair brush to work till he was bawling like a 10 year old. He sister and mom just could not hold back the tears of laughter as I paddle him good. I hope they spank him according when he visits them. Jan

Njspank said...

Beautiful and hot story, very nice.

Anonymous said...

Valentine's Day would not be complete without a firm (but loving) spanking...


Anonymous said...

My wife spoke of being too tired last Sunday evening to spank me, but later felt apologetic about denying me a spanking on Valentine's day (not the romantic thing to do). So I was soundly spanked with a wooden paddle before we went to bed on Valentine's day. Very sweet of her!

Anonymous said...

No Valentines day spanking this year. Sad to say I was pretty sick. Happy for you and Cindy sounds like she really enjoyed lighting up your bottom.

Baxter said...

just a few spanks on Valentines as my wife wanted sex and wanted no delay.


Red said...

Jan: I wonder if you have a vivid imagination, or quite a life style.
Ron: glad you liked it
J: glad to know you are sentimental on valentine's Day.
anon; glad to know you received the spanking you desired.
archedone: hope you are well soon
baxter: such a difficult life you lead (smiling while I wrote this)
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Red, My husband told me of his crossdressing fetish when we started dating. I consummated our marriage by putting him in my wedding dress and blistering his bottom otk that was followed up by me pegging him. He still brings it up as the happiest day of his life. Jan

Red said...

Jan: for a woman to be so accepting of kink,your husband has found a perfect mate. Keep enjoying life, and spanking him whenever needed.
bottoms up