submissive thoughts

This caption  applies equally to a man or a woman
You simply do as you are told, and bend over with your hands on the bed if that is how you are instructed to present your bottom
or your panties are lowered and you simply verbally respond to the spanks while staying in position
sometimes you are more stoic
and simply await the next spank
sometimes you await your turn to once again be spanked and watch your friend being spanked
and really
and truly, when told:
we immediately acquiesce.
bottoms up


  1. good blog. I agree with the last picture.


  2. If you are in a spanking relationship and you are told a spanking is in order it's best to present your bottom in the manor the spanker desires and accept the spanking then thank the spanker for correcting you.

  3. Nice panty spanking in the first pic......terrific post thanks

  4. Seeing the large paddle for the first time, well I wanted to change my ways right then and there. Knowing my wife had enough and mad as hell, I said nothing. She pulled down my pants and underpants, scolded me for a long time and once over her lap I pleaded after a few spanks with that paddle. When done I danced around the room crying and rubbing until I was told to face the wall. Now days when she gets it I quickly bare my bottom, it does not help but does not hurt.

  5. baxter: that paddle in the hands of an experienced spanker would be frightful

    archedone: very true

    Ron: you are welcome

    anon; baring immediately only has the benefit that you did not annoy your determined wife more than necessary at this point. Best to submit immediately

    bottoms up


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