Addendum: If you enjoy this post, and decide to purchase the small tawse, mention you read about it on this blog, and that I highly recommend the item. It is good quality, and you will NOT enjoy receiving it's caress the first time it is used..

Recently, quite possibly very foolishly, I made a few purchases from CAN-IAC.   I paid for them myself, so that I would not be beholden to write a favorable review, and just would give an honest,  review.
Specifically, this review is of my being spanked with the tawse


This was supposed to be my second spanking as Cindy had planned, but we ended up being too busy that day. When the time rolled around for my spanking the next day, Cindy remarked when I had bared my bottom that it still was a little pink from yesterday's spanking.

This, however, would not deter a woman with a mission.  I was requested to get Cindy's high heels shoes, as this raises her knees, and makes certain that I do not slip off her lap while she is stting on the spnaking chair.


With the first spank, my feet jumped! It was not a hard spank, but the intensity that the tawse imparts is quite formidable. Cindy slowly applied the tawse to my bottom, while remarking how effective it appears to be, as every spank had a foot or both feet doing a little dance, and I was starting to verbalize my opinion  OWWWWWWW.

Cindy gave regular even spanks, moving up and down my bottom and sometimes focusing on the near cheek, and sometimes on the further cheek. This implement HURTS, and STINGS, with little to no effort on the part of the spanker.

Cindy quite enjoyed herself. I did not during the spanking. It is a quite sharp sensation, that floods the bottom with a warmth of hurt.

Cindy finally paused, looked at the tawse, and rubbed my bottom a little. The tawse has two sides, one rough and one a shiny leather, so she decided to try the shiny side. Each spank had my feet dance, but it also felt like it was cutting into my bottom. It definitely was not, as Cindy would have stopped immediately.

Fortunately, Cindy only did a few spanks with this side, and I was pleased (well, as pleased as possible under the circumstances, when she returned to using the rough side leather.

Throughout the entire spanking, from spank one to spank xxx , my foot or both feet did a dance reacting to the spank!  ( I have NEVER REACTED THIS WAY, EXCEPT WHEN we used the dominator from the Disciplinary Wives Club). I must confess that the dominator was thrown away, but this one will be a keeper.

My bottom was sore and reddish for two days, as a reminder of the spanking I was given. There was NO DANGER of damage to bone, as one is NOT using a wooden implement. You can high up on the bottom, as well as use it on the back of the legs, extremely safely, BUT VERY EFFECTIVELY.

I must say that Cindy was quite delighted with this new implement. I thanked her for the spanking, and later we made love extremely passionately, as this certainly heated up the later love-making.





My reservations: I also purchased the longer tawse, so it must BE ABSOLUTELY FRIGHTFUL in it's effects.  I will write about it, when sometime in the future we experiment with it. I also purchased the white smaller delrin loopy johnny, solely because my friend Ronnie hates that thing, but loves the cane, so I wondered what it would be like



They say that at Can-iac, and we totally believe it. Thus, you never see bruising of spanker's bottoms on my blog, nor any blood. 

Spanking can have a purpose, as I have described many times before, but remember at the end of the day, it is just a game to help solve problems, , keep the magic alive in a marriage, and a healthy  aphrodisiac

This woman's bottom is more beautiful to look at than mine, but mine was equally as well covered in red as hers. Another plus, it can wrap without injuring.
bottoms up


outdoor spankings

I have been spanked outdoors a number of times, and it definitely adds an additional thrill to the spanking.
Sometimes some women might deliberately flash for the camera, just so that their partner will then spank them outdoors the next time the opportunity arises

ready and waiting
Men, however, earn spankings without thinking, or is it because they were NOT thinking.
bottoms up
Then maybe ride him, cowgirl


words lead to actions

If you ever mentioned that your wife was bossy

Your choice of words always have a way of determining your fate in life..
The result is per-ordained
bottoms up
but if her mother was visiting when you stated this, and watched your spanking, she just might like to add a few licks of her own
and then you would be sent to do your chores
with a bottom readily available to be spanked for any other missteps you might make



outlander spanking scene also oral scene

It was a bit of a surprise, but not really when you come to think of the era being portrayed.

The spanking scene is HOT, and fun to watch. Totally pretending to be non-consensual, but as it is a fictional story, and the actors are paid and agreed to play the scene, who am I to complain. You can watch the episode " The Reckoning" at about 25 minutes, or click the first link.

Plus, the actress, Caitriona Balfe is very beautiful, and throughout the series you get a lot of views of her gorgeous nude body.

The struggle
the baring

more struggle,
followed by baring her bottom again
 and the belt
You can hear Caitriona   talking about the scene in the following link   

The show has some fun ideas for the era, where the next episode (By the pricking of my thumbs)  has Sam Heughan, one of the main actors orally pleasing Caitriona! I wonder how they justify this scene, if you think of the era. Bathing was not a daily activity, specially in the Scottish Highlands, so it would take a brave man to be so readily interested.

Another fun scene in the following episode (The Devil's Mark)  that follows has Sam manually bringing Caitriona to an orgasm.

Wonder what comes next... Don't tell me, i am watching the episodes on a DVD. Definitely, Caitriona is a very beautiful actor

bottoms up


Today has been planned by Cindy

We have been doing things on the computers, and had accomplished quite a lot so far today. Cindy went into the kitchen to make some soup from scratch, and I busied myself with another task.

Having completed finding out the cruise points and perks given with a specific cruise line we have used, I printed it and took it into Cindy while she was working in the kitchen. She stopped cutting things, and looked at the chart, and we discussed it for a little while, nd then she went back to her cooking.

About ten minutes later, with the soup now in the pot, Cindy called me into the kitchen!

She was holding the clean soup stirrer, and told me to bare my bottom and bend over the counter.

A number of hard spanks rained upon my bottom. and then she paused to explain the reason why. It was my interrupting what she was doing, as though it was urgent, and what she was doing was unimportant.

Another flurry of spanks started, with more than 25 given before the lecture continued. I was told I could stand-up if my back was in a bad position, so I stood.
Cindy stated that I do this too often, and that it was going to stop, and a nod from her had me bending back over the counter.

Cindy gave many more spanks, sharp and harsh, staying in one spot, then moving to another, and then saying lets give some to this fatter part of your bottom, which she proceeded to do!

Th lecture then started that you are going to agree to the plan for today. We are going to eat lunch when t is ready, then we are going to go for a walk, then we will come home and I will give you a PROPER SPANKING, then we are going to make love.

A few hard spanks and I was saying YES DEAR with sincerity.
Cindy then applied a few more spanks, and I was permitted to stand up, and immediately thanked her for the spanking.

My bottom is still sore and red from the spanking, as I write this!
more about today will be written later, and posted two days after this post. (I give myself a day off after posting a spanking, so that more people can read about it)

None of the photos are me, but add to the visual that you might be picturing!
bottoms up


reducing looking at porn

I am certain this method would work!
Your wife would do well to ask you about your porn viewing?
Many men look at a bath brush in different ways
bottoms up


Grumpiness solution

Are you sometimes just a grumpy person? The solution is easy!
some days it goes like this!  An immediate on the spot correction for starters,
but the best way to work out the grumpiness is a good dose of the paddle
It has definitely worked for me
now you can smile
bottoms up


Valentine's Day spanking and loving

When we travel, I always take along the heart shaped metal studded leather paddle, besides a wooden hair brush. The paddle has become Cindy's favorite, and it is very EFFECTIVE!

Late in the afternoon, after cruising all day, we decided that Cindy should spank me with the paddle, as a Valentine's Day present.

In a cruise ship cabin, we always put on the television with music, reasonably loud, and open the bathroom door which is between the bed and the outer door.

After a little kissing and cuddling, i was soon bare bottomed over Cindy's knees, and she started the spanking. Cindy really enjoyed herself, and had my feet dancing as she would stay in one spot spanking until a reaction occurred, then move to another spot to repeat the procedure. She is getting much more comfortable spanking the tops of the back of my legs, so they received suitable attention.

As a special treat(?), she even pushed my bottom upwards a little so that the join of bottom to top of legs was fully exposed, and stretched, so that she could give this relative white area a nice red color.
By the time Cindy stopped, I was indeed well spanked.

The love making was awesome, and Cindy was wet from the beginning, showing that she really enjoyed spanking me.

Afterwards, a wonderful double Atlantic lobster tail served in the restaurant. My bottom was as red, as the cooked lobster.


bottoms up


a smile for today

Are you a pessimist or an optimist
There is always an interesting way to measure if this relationship will be FULFILLING and thus stand the test of time!
This man is WISHING he was walking from the other DIRECTION!

Their is this other thought that sometimes strikes me, that is, beside a hair brush

 but my preference will always be
however, after smiling, be careful what you search for on the internet
 happy spankings
bottoms up


when you should be worried

If you see your wife with this determined look and action: BE WORRIED!
However, if with your first glimpse you see that your wife is naked from the waist down, but then your eyes catch what she is holding, and the look on her face: BE WORRIED!

You see how beautiful your wife is naked,
she just might want you to first have a orgasm,

so that  the intended spanking will be so very WORSE!  BE WORRIED!! (you are about to be whupped)
bottoms up


Happy to be home

Vacations are great, but so is that first night when you get to sleep in your own bed!

However, your wife might be thrilled because now she has her full complement of spanking implements to deal with some of your misadventures while you were away.

No point waiting until tomorrow, and yes, we are very tired and about to go to bed, but she is so goin to sleep much more contentedly, after she spanks you NOW!
Tomorrow will have her equally HAPPY!
She loves the look on your face, when she shows you that little treasure she bought (note price tag still attached) in the Munich airport, and is sitting on the spanking chair!

She is delighted to have her favorite bath brush, and watching you lower your pants
 Yes dear, you have so earned the big cane, and I am a happy woman who is about to use it on your bottom

but by the weekend, she will be happy to use the big paddle!

Enjoy being home, where all problems have a handy, easy solution!
bottoms up


the mirror

This is quite a cute little inrro
but I could not EASILY find photos of men being spanked while looking in a mirror..
however,some exist, and here are some vintage ones from

These are definitively vintage!
Did you see your fate outlined on your face when you looked in the mirror this morning?

bottoms up