spanked again

Sometimes Cindy gets fed-up with me, and when annoyed, those spankings tend to be stronger. Let me be honest, I am NOT perfect, and spanking me both gets my attention to something annoying or upsetting Cindy, and gives us an outlet vent for this frustration.

This spanking began with me bare bottomed over her knee, and Cindy had the wooden bath brush!!! She started with strong spanks, really smacking and snapping her wrist, something she rarely uses.

My feet started dancing by the second spank, and Cindy was quite surprised by my owws by the time she had given maybe ten hard spanks. She paused, then continued the spanking on a softer vein while lecturing me.
The reality of our spankings is that Cindy does not want to spank too hard, and she does not want to hurt me. This is an ongoing discussion, in that I explain that a spanking should have reactions by the spankee, as the spanks should be effective.

The lesser level of spanks continued quite a while, and thus with visits to the back of my legs also, my bottom was strongly red when she finished, but with little feet dancing.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking when she finished, and we then cuddled, leading to some fabulous sex. The combination of spanking and great sex certainly is glorious, but the next day we sometimes feel like we had been run over by a truck. Oh, the benefits of growing older, but it certainly beats the alternative.
The red stayed the remainder of the day, and reappeared after a shower the next day.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Forget the bath brush, my wife has a nice large hairbrush, travels well in her purse. The hairbrush has spoken many times, my mother in law home, hotels, mostly at home. OTK bare bottom everyone can hear, I dread worse is facing the wall afterwards, no matter who may see me.

Njspank said...

I love your posts and your intimacy after a sound spanking is amazing for you both. Now the bath brush, ouch that hurts a ton.....and your barely have to swing your arm. The round wooden implement covers your bottom perfectly but hurts. Hard swings with this brush is brutal......hurts so good.
Thanks for sharing.

Dan Mel said...

My wife doesn't have a wooden bath brush but she has a wood hair brush that she carries in her purse for use when we are out and I need to be disciplined.

Most of the time my wife uses her hard wood paddle to discipline me OTK. Sometimes she uses her wooden spoon and that really hurts too.

Baxter said...

Don't have a wooden bath brush or hair brush, but wooden paddle, wooden spoon and other wooden things like dowels. All, in their own way, hurt when my wife handles them in spanking me. Wife and I always have sex after she spanks me (sometimes get to spank her) and the sex is great.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what you did but Cindy really laid into your bottom. When you snap your wrist either with bath brush or hair brush it really hurts. I'm sure you were still colorful the next day.

Anonymous said...

My wife spanks me always OTK, hard wooden hairbrush mostly, states OTK insures I feel like a naughty little boy, do not know about you, but it sure does and I act she saids as a naughty little boy, squirming, pleading.

Michael M said...

You obviously needed that although the bathbrush is tough love.

Red said...

anon: I imagine you are like me, a very slow learner. fortunately for me, Cindy is shy about letting anyone we know know about her spanking me.

njspank: so very TRUE!

Dan: variety is the spice of life.. Cindy uses each one of those on different occasions.

anon: thanks for sharing.. when being spanked hard, squirming and reacting is involuntarily occurring often. OTK brings an intimacy that you are being punishment for misbehavior in a loving manner.

baxter: if I knew your home address, I would send your wife a bath brush.. smiling.. but anything wooden is EFFECTIVE, and the sex afterwards amazing

archedone: colorful after one day, and when coming out of the shower the second day .

Michael: it is, but it all depends on strength that is applied using it.

bottoms up