legs up spankings

Sometimes called the diaper position, I prefer to use the term legs up spanking!
This might also be entitled Spankings in Exposed Positions
One might use one's arm to help keep oneself in position
 Keeping the legs straight also requires fit abs as your bottom is spanked
 Some might go so far as to purchase specific equipment to keep the spankee in place
 Easiest way might be to simply bring your knees to your chest
A couch would be the easiest way to give support, while administering a spanking in this fashion
The spanker might even give some help with his body while using his hands
 This takes practice to maintain this poosition (and so justly rewarded for all that flexibility)
 A rather unique way for the spanker, and the spnakee is looking (where??)
now, if a second person is to be the spanker, the first can help by holding the legs up
 but then again, it might be two women being spanked
 If you like photos of this nature, you might like to visit

the bottom of the legs and tops of the thighs are really exposed for spanking

However, as is normal for many tumblrs, this site also shows badly bruised or worse type of spankings, which is not my cup of tea.

However, some women might even be happy being spanked this way

Have you ever spanked or been spanked this way?
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Njspank said...

Full access no doubt

Baxter said...

I haven't been spanked that way, but I did happen to get my wife into that position yesterday and gave her a few swats. Interesting.


Red said...

Ron definitely, and the back of the legs

Baxter: lucky man... that should earn you a spanking

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Got spanked in that position (and many others) tonight by Ms. Kimi. Unique thing for the spankee is its one of the few positions where you can see what's coming without benefit of a mirror

Red said...

anon; very true, and the wind up of the spank can be really frightening.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Yes and I can say as a male it can lead to a painful spanking.

Red said...

Cindy has not done it to me, but I am certain it is EFFECTIVE!
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Matthew Chatterton said...

I actually have been spanked this way. I loved every minute of it! :)

Red said...

matthew: probably only good for younger people than mysself
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