FUN thoughts about ronnie

I found a few  fun things on tumblr, and immediately thought of Ronnie... Thus, a tribute to some one I like. Go visit her blog, you will enjoy it!:
First, I think she is a little bit of a BRAT!
I can picture Ronnie doing this, so that she will have P's undivided attention throughout the evening

and while at the party
(quietly saying..do you imagine my lips around your cock when I lick my finger, sir)
and after she arrived home,
and was properly spanked
 or caned or both
 she will be displaying her rosy bottom and smiling from ear to ear
love reading your blog Ronnie, and keep enjoying life
 ( a wee spanking will not deter you, more likely it will encourage you)

The gifs are from http://thesexualgourmetexposedinpublic.tumblr.com
but, the next day, she would still be like this

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

A girlfriend I had every once in awhile would let me see she was wearing no panties. I told her I did not like that, she smiled. Well hugging her when she came home from work I said no panties, she smiled, in short time she was facing the wall and her pantiesless bottom was displaying a nice shade of red, she then made sure to wear them. I told her that you like no panties and I enjoy spanking no panties girls.

Baxter said...

I like Ronnies Blog as well. She always looks for a way to get a spanking and some ways are quite creative. I remember one of her blogs a long time ago in a picture in which she had a pair of panties on that said 'spank harder' on them as she looked off her deck. At least I seem to remember it was Ronnie. her spanking storied from her real life are great.

ronnie said...

LOL Red. Thanks for the mention but how did you know I've done that whilst walking up the stairs with P and said that to him at a party but wasn't licking my fingers. True.


Njspank said...

Great post and pics thanks and love the thought process.

Anonymous said...

Red I also follow Ronnie daily and I have to agree she would do something like in the pictures. And of course P would turn her a nice shade of red and she would smile from ear to ear.

smuccatelli said...

More than a "bit" of a brat. I've congratulated her often on her very enthusiastic sex life with P. There's lid for every pot...

Anonymous said...

Teasing does get me corner time and with a red bottom but darn even at my age men look......wearing a very tight (too tight) skirt we both noticed something looking extra long.....but darn it was another lady......no spanking that night just a laugh.......Cheryl

Red said...

anon: to me that was very unfortunate, as a woman with spunk, willing to break artificial barriers, would be fun.

Baxter: i totally agree.

Ronnie: I believe you would have done it because you love your husband! You help to keep the spark alive in a marriage, being adventurous, fun loving, and mischievous at times, and thus have great adventures with P. The fact that you love being spanked is the cherry on top of the ice cream.

Ron: you are welcome

archedone: I definitely agree.

smuccatelli: very true

Cheryl: spanking adds another spark to a good relationship. See what you can do to earn a spanking today. I should make that the theme one of these days

bottoms up