fun leg locks (for the viewer)

A little post of ways to control the spankee for the spanking, thus increasing their feeling of submission.
The lady is happy to pose for the photo, he really has no choice in the matter

A lady being spanked in this position is truly delightful for the viewers
and always remember
 and their is no escaping
bottoms up


  1. Best position ever to get spanked thanks

  2. I love the feeling of her leg wrapped up with mine and love being so close to her sweet spot but leg wrap means a serious spanking is coming soon. Love it

  3. My wife is a few years older than I, and so when I act foolish, or as she states naughty, I find myself across her lap. She is very serious and sitting is not that easy once she is done. I love her so much and do not want to lose her I accept the spankings. She knows how to soundly spank, worse is her pulling my pants and underpants down and scolding me prior to. I dance around the room afterwards and then face the wall.

  4. baxter: you are welcome

    Ron: certainly keeps you in place, and a delightful view of a woman in the second photo. Very true that you are closer,but in for a serious spanking.

    anon: sounds like a perfect way to solve problems in a marriage, with no bad feelings afterwards
    bottoms up

  5. My wife is 48 years old a former dancer and dancing instructor with
    shapely strong legs she uses to render me helpless when spanking.
    Her method is not over her thigh secured in a leg lock but even more
    excruciating. She makes me lie naked across the end of our bed with
    my neck secured between her solid thighs in a standing scissor hold
    It is impossible for me to escape and when she tightens the vice I
    have no choice but to lie perfectly still as she takes either the
    hair brush or paddle to my bare butt until I am crying like a baby.

    1. anon; a very determined wife is always a blessing

  6. Standing scissor hold this wife uses on her husband with her dancers legs when administering a spanking is awesome. Being rendered helpless while his cheeks are being severely spanked
    must be the most embarrassing and humiliating experience any
    male could ever imagine. My wife has locked my neck between
    her legs in a crushing scissor hold many times when wrestling
    so I know how helpless I was just as that husband was when
    being spanked by his wife.

    1. Brad; thanks for the info..seems both of these are yours, so always remember that it takes me a few days (or longer if on vacation ) for me toread and post the comment
      bottoms up

  7. In reply to Brad. I have never been embarrassed or humiliated when
    my wife secures me in a leg lock when spanking me when we are alone The only times I have been embarrassed and humiliated is when my wife has secured me in a leg lock or scissor hold when spanking me in front of her mother, my mother, her sister or friend.

    1. anon; that would be a very effective method to be spanked and embarrassed.

  8. I was 22 years of age, a Staff Sargent in US Air Force stationed in Germany when I was spanked by the female captain that was the air control supervisor. I had been grossly insubordinate and rather then reduce me in rank she told me I was to be spanked. I had to report to her at her apartment off base. She was very attractive and had a fabulous figure and great legs. I didn't know she was going to use those legs when spanking.

    She ordered me to remove my slacks and under shorts which I did as
    ordered. She had a wooden paddle in hand as she sat in a straight
    chair draping me over her left thigh and leg locking my legs. With
    left arm pressed against her she hammer locked my right arm and
    tightened her leg lock then proceeded to practically blister my bare rear. She gave me a spanking until I was in tears and begging her to stop and promising never again to be insubordinate. It was a
    real learning experience. I never realized how helpless a female
    could render me by locking me between her legs when administering
    a spanking.


  9. Robert's spanking by female captain when in the Air Force prompted me
    to share a similar experience when I was 24 years of age. I was in
    bookkeeping department at dance studio owned and operated by Angela
    a former professional dancer. She was in her 40's with a terrific
    figure and fabulous dancers legs. I had made a careless error of
    bookkeeping that resulted in a substantial financial loss. Angela
    was very angry with me and told me I was going to be punished for
    my actions. When the office staff left for the day Angela ushered
    me into her office. In a stern tone told me I was going to get a
    sound spanking as punishment. She ran a very disciplined business
    and all employees never broke and of her rules. Angela told me to
    remove my pants and to kneel on all fours. When she removed paddle
    from her desk drawer I knew I was in for a session of pain. As I
    knelt before her my eyes excitingly gazed upon her magnificent legs
    displayed in 3 or 4 inch heels. She shoved my head between her hard
    thighs and tightened the thigh vise to my neck making me gasp for
    air and become a bit frightened. Unable to move with my head and
    neck in such a crushing leg lock Angela proceeded to take paddle to
    my perfectly positioned rear end. The pain became unbearable as the
    paddle landed on one cheek then the other until I was whimpering
    and begging her to stop and apologizing for the mistake I had made.
    Finally after my tears were trickling down her rippled calf muscles
    she stopped spanking and unlocked my neck from between her thighs.
    I remember her exact words. "Let that be a lesson you never forget.
    If you or any employee screws up, as you did, they will be spanked"

    1. anon: nice fantasy/ or was it real??? no one will ever know

  10. Red, I enjoyed the spanking Robert got when in the Air Force and
    the male that was spanked by his female superior for screening up
    These ignited an experience I had being spanked by two counselors
    at a camp when I was a junior in college. I was also a counselor
    and one evening in counselors rec room I was harassing the two
    female counselors. They told me to stop and if I don't they would
    give me a spanking. I being 6'2" and 180 pounds and the two girls
    were around 5'6" and 130 pounds. I told them spanking me would
    never happen and I continued to tease and pester them. Suddenly
    they both grabbed me securing my wrist. Each had a wrist and they
    twisted my arm forcing me to my knees. One girl got my neck in a
    standing scissor hold locking her thighs like a vise. The other
    girl pulled down my athletic shorts and took ping pong paddle to
    my lightly attired rear end while the other girl had me helpless
    locked in the standing scissor hold. After a couple dozen painful
    spanks they switched positions and the other girls spanked me.
    When finished they laughingly said something to the effect and you didn't think we could give you a spanking. Believe me their
    legs were so damn strong I thought they were going to choke the
    life out of me. Not only did the spanking hurt but my feelings
    were hurt as it was kinda humiliating being dominated by two
    strong sexy college females.

    1. anon: fun adventure. thanks for sharing


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