fun way to read the time

Well, actually, two fun ways to display the time...


I always appreciate imaginative ideas.

In this second method: 

click with the mouse on the clock to see the time in numbers.
Click to go back to the clock.
very funny and precise !!!!


Thanks to whoever produced this.

It's time for your spanking: HERE, now




Some fun items are floating around the internet spankosphere at the moment!
When it is time to be spanked, their is no avoiding it! (art work comes from spanked by their wives yahoo group)
No matter how you apologize, or plead
You will be lectured
and really
bottoms up


fun leg locks (for the viewer)

A little post of ways to control the spankee for the spanking, thus increasing their feeling of submission.
The lady is happy to pose for the photo, he really has no choice in the matter

A lady being spanked in this position is truly delightful for the viewers
and always remember
 and their is no escaping
bottoms up


Oh, to be a shoe salesman

Flashing fun at a shoe store

the line for applicants starts on the right
 now this one is so posed

 of course, always be alert for fun views in a restaurant
 or the library
 even an outdoor table
parking in the suburbs
or in any hotel hallway
Women just want to have fun, so enjoy life with them
all photos come from
booty up


obey her

There are many tumblrs devoted to female lead relationships, and I enjoy looking at them, and using select items for every post that I make.
First, your underwear is removed
then it is over the knee, sometimes with a leg lock
a little appropriate lecture is forthcoming about your fate
and a hot bottom is soon to follow

One such site is: http://obey-and-adore-her.tumblr.com 

As usual, there will be things that not everyone enjoys, and items that really entertain your imagination.
Enjoy exploring
bottoms up


Way beyond adventurous Tuesdays

I happened to find this at http://thinkp1nk.tumblr.com/post/107319227648
As one follows links.. it is easy in female lead relationships to come across this topic.  I am amazed, and have no interest in this idea, but maybe for one time for an hour, but the cost for the experience is ridiculous!.
So today's post: have you ever tried this?
As you troll sites.. here are some fun captions of this nature that you might find...The use of captions do capture the mood!
The thoughts certainly show submission in a much more serious, but hopefully, loving manner!
Photos of smiling women enjoying their supremacy
or smiling holding a key
so, smile, being spanked is NOT SO BAD AT ALL!
so, have fun exploring, and let me know your thoughts


bottoms up, but beware



females spanking males tumblr

I am experimenting more with tumblr, and actually have a tumblr site you can access. How am I doing learning about tumblr. This is one wonderful photo I can relate to.
My attempt to write the address for the tumblr was unsuccessful, and it took a few tries before I came across typing

Now, some but not all the time, I put a like on a picture before copying it to my hard drive for possible later use. this blog, as long as I continue it, will be my primary computer related spanking activity.
One tumblr that I recommend is listed below, but really the number of sites is approaching infinity.
It is free to sign up, and free to simply traverse the tumblr universe, clicking likes, and re-blogging photos that you find enjoyable.
of course, photos get re-posted forever, so it is great to find a site which has some new photos or gifs, or videos

here is the site this and many other great pictures come from
red  male bottoms abound
bottoms up


black and white oldies

Many of the old magazines we read growing up, did not have color. You might remember some of these

bototms up nver goes out of fashion
bottoms up