Here is a fun video of winter driving.... assuming you are not looking at a snowstorm outside your window!


Winter driving tip
Driving in the snow is like eating pussy
If you don't slow down and pay attention you could slide into the asshole in front of you! 

Not that that would be a bad thing!
Be careful this winter!
even if you drive carefully, expect to be spanked often!
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Last picture, I'm not curled on the floor after a spanking, facing the wall, of course naked as all spankings are given. The need to be spanked in strong in me and the need to give spankings is strong in my wife. It works in our marriage and the spankings are not playful, they hurt, she insures that.

Njspank said...

Nice one

Baxter said...

like the first one, as we are starting to have winter now in Chicagoland with rain/sleet/ice on monday and flurries today. I have seen the last captioned picture before but it is a good one.

smuccatelli said...

A lot of women don't appreciate razor stubble under those circumstances. He should shave or grow a beard. Or find another chick...

Anonymous said...

Good post Red. Nothing wrong with licking a "little" too low. A good spanking can help get one back on track too.

Red said...

anon: Sounds wonderful, as it is totally consensual. Fortunately, my spankings are a middle of the road beetween playful and serious

njspank: thank you

Baxter: if Cindy has bather, the first one is not a problem.. every picture I post comes from somewhere else, except personal photos

smuccatelli: very true, but some women love it.

archedone: very true.. nothing wrong with licking lower.

bottoms up