the notch system gets me spanked

I have previously written about this method of earning a real bad boy spanking. You can read about it on a previous post, using the link that I have below. (The essence of the plan is included below also)

Cindy has modified this plan somewhat, more in keeping with baseball ideas of the USA! Three strikes and you are out, now means three strikes and your bottom is bared and out to be spanked!

I am catching up on writing about my recent spankings, so this happened about two weeks ago. I was quite fortunate (in some ways), that the notches did not happen quickly, but over a couple of weeks. The key idea is that I had committed some minor misbehaviors,

The spanking was in our bedroom, bare bottomed, over her knee while she first had great fun with the leather heart shaped paddle, that she now whales away knowing that it will sting and hurt, but not cause any permanent damage.  (but it seriously hurts) I was owwwing almost immediately, and my feet started dancing! Cindy seemed to enjoy this fact as she continued to spank, stating something of the nature that I seemed to be appreciating her efforts on our behalf.
Relief finally occurred when she paused, and gently moved her hand over my bottom, commenting on how hot it was, and such a warm shade of red.

Cindy then reached down and picked up the  hurley paddle, stating that :

As this was Danielle's idea of notches to determine spankings, then it is only appropriate that she use Danielle's wooden paddle that she sent a a gift for Cindy to use on my bottom.

As much as I love Danielle and John, that feeling wanes during the duration of receiving spanks with this paddle.  Cindy used it effectively all over my bottom, and specialized using it on the top of the back of my legs where the bottom meets the top of the legs. Cindy also used her method of spanking in one spot until my feet are really dancing, then moved to another spot to repeat the procedures.

The spanking was finally over, and I immediately stood in front of Cindy and thanked her for my spanking!

We then caressed, and had a wonderful love making session.
The notch system works, because i am somewhat more attentive on not doing something that could result in a notch.
bottoms up


The idea behind a notch system is that little misbehaves earn a notch of a ruler, as practiced by Danielle and John. What happens is that John makes a mark on the ruler with a piece of chalk. The misdemeanor is explained to the person, so that they can try to avoid doing that same action again.

The idea is that the offense is not serious enough for an immediate full blown strong formal spanking, nor is it worth an ON THE SPOT spanking, which  is short but significant.

It's meaning is that the person is getting closer to a STRONG and formal spanking!

Danielle uses five notches, and when John has earned five notches, he is properly and formally spanked (hard).

The benefit of this plan is that one does not have to be unhappy, when a somewhat trivial misbehavior happens, and the main advantage is that one does not have to remember the reason for each notch, nor when each notch was earned.  Simply, the notch is there, and when the total is five, the spanking is given.

We are following this system by putting a mark on the calendar in the kitchen. It is done in pencil, and when the total reaches five, I will be spanked.

However, it does not have to reach five, and the number of notches are not erased if some significant behavior immediately warrants a strong spanking on its own.


Anonymous said...

The notch system is new to me and sounds like a good idea. It's all too easy to forget minor rule infractions and with the notch system you don't have to. When the proper number of notches are there a spanking is given. At present once a month we talk and she tells me the rules I've broken and I confess any she might have forgotten. Then the spanking is given. All too many times after the spanking a few more infractions come to mind. I might tell R about this method maybe she will want to try it. Thank you Red and Danielle and John.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,
Chapeau to Cindy!
To be honest I seldom use miss Hurley nowadays, but I completely understand your discomfort.

The best,

ronnie said...

Red ,

Interesting. Never heard of the notch system before.


Quentin QBuzz said...

Love systems like this. My wife's misdemenors are recorded in a boarding-school style punishment book. Whereas I just tend to get spanked on the spot!

Anonymous said...

Both J. and N. before her have always preferred immediate "retribution". Delayed punishment may be called for (whether we are out shopping, visiting, or traveling), but it will be administered later that day. J. may use a sort of "notch system" to keep track of such minor misdemeanors which (when added up at the end of the day) will result in a "settling of accounts" session later that day...


Red said...

archedone: you are welcome.
Danielle: chapeau to our friendship with you, and thanks for both the gift and the idea1
Ronnie: just a simple way to change minor annoyances, and assuming, as in our case, that I am not deliberately looking for a spanking, and am doing my best to solve minor little annoyances in life.

Qbuzz: sounds wonderful!
L: identical to the idea of settling accounts
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons why N. initiated the "12 days of Xmas" observance (later emulated by J.) was to "clear the decks" of any transgession she might have overlooked during the year (although neither was/is likely to overlook punishable offences whenever they occurred) And, of course, "regular" disciplinary rules are scheduled to apply as of today - most likely over the weekend...


Red said...

L; it is a wonderful way to relieve the stress of the holidays. Cindy was really stressed this year, so I may suggest it next year.
bottoms up