Spanking Awards – Best Creative Blog 2015 Consensual Spanking

Stunned, is my reaction! I was thrilled to be nominated, and amazed to have won, over so many other wonderful blogs. I might suggest that my being the only blog where the male is the person who is almost always spanked, I garnered all the F/M votes!

All other TTWD varieties were most likely spread over all the other entrants. Congrats for everyone that was nominated, and to everyone else creating spanking blogs, tumblrs, wordPress sites.

Thank you to everyone who voted for my blog, and to John Osborne for hosting the awards!

here is the link!


There is no DENIAL of this award
so here is a picture of me just before having a wee swim in the NILE River.
(you can see the faluccas, and we were just opposite of Aswan)

and remember!

 and if you can be nude outdoors, you can be spanked outdoors (albeit at a different location somewhere in the USA!) We had a wooden bath brush in our luggage, and a quiet place in the woods had some resounding sounds!
Bottoms up!!!
The above/below wee thoughts are from http://coastal-gentleman.tumblr.com/


ronnie said...

Oh Good for you. Congratulations Red. Well deserved.


Michael M said...

Many congrats.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Well deserved. As are your spankings!

smuccatelli said...

Congrats! BTW, I voted for you... ;-p

BOB said...

Congratulations !

Anonymous said...

Congrats - I voted for you also! :-)

Baxter said...

Congratulations Red. There are many spanking blogs to choose from but I really like yours the most as it is more about us males being spanked by wives or significant others. And I always start my entry into the spankoblogosphere with your blog. Great job.


Brent said...

Congratulations! You do have the best bog on the Internet, and the award is well deserved.

Hermione said...

Bravo, Red! It's a well-deserved award.


Red said...

Ronnie, Michael M, Matt, Smuccatelli, Bob, D, Baxter, Brent, and Hermione:
Thank you for the kind words, and for your votes... it pays to advertise, as I let people know about the awards, that I only found out indirectly having posted photos of alex that she asked recognition for, and read on her blog about the award nominations.
PS: one couple wrote to me a little joke:
We voted and being from Chicago we voted a few times for you .. :)

bottoms up