I have recorded many of my spankings, but by no way more than about 60 per cent of them. Many short spankings with the soup stirrer in the kitchen are too numerous to count, and are not even included in thinking of the number of spankings I have received.

This spanking was somewhat new, in that it involved using my belt on my bare bottom. The reason was simply that too long had passed, and the daily stresses were taking their toll on our relationship.

Informed I would be spanked earlier in the day
I was eventually requested to join Cindy in the bedroom.

This time, i was bare bottomed, with a pillow under my hips, while I was lying on the bed.

The belt was folded, so it was doubly as thick, and it is already a thick belt. The reason we rarely use it while traveling is that it echoes tremendously, and makes a lot of noise. The next door cabin on a cruise ship does not bother us for a wooden implement, but the belt probably would be heard a long distance away, and thus could cause a commotion that is neither recommended nor wanted. One or two people knowing is fine, but twenty cabins would be a difficulty.
The advantage of this belt is that Cindy can travel allover my bottom, both the top of the cheeks the sit spot, occasionally concentrating on just the closest cheek meaning the edge of the belt lands inside the crack of my bottom, and the top of the legs. Cindy can also create a rhythm for herself like she is in a exercise class! The rhythm  for me is quite different, as leather spanks deep, without the sharpness that produces an immediate foot dance. Thus, Cindy is quite content to spank longer, and harder, which is much safer than with a wooden bath brush.
I was squirming somewhat from side to side when Cindy decided my bottom looked suitably spanked, and I was permitted to rise and look in the mirror, after thanking her for the spanking! My bottom was a FIERCE Red, and very sore.

We embraced, caressed, and had a wonderful session of making love, orally.

My bottom has been sore for two days now, and on the second day after the spanking, the sit spot area was red after a shower. I do not know how a shower brings the color back to my bottom, but it certainly does.

If you have never tried a man's belt, you should sometime! The amount of added force with the swinging of the arm increasing the velocity of the belt is simply AMAZING!

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

That's a great little scene you had there. Bare bottoms on the bed with the strap . A wonderful way for a "bad boy" to get his comeuppance! I hope she rode you "cowgirl" afterwards so that your sore fanny could feel some more pain as she had her way with you! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather not think about the number of times I have had my derrière paddled, lashed or strapped by N. and J. - but your mention of the strap caught J's attention, and inspired her to use the dreaded "Italian bridle" for the next installment of the "12 days of Xmas" series (following today's use of the carpet beater)


ps: Like Cindy, J. (and N.) both have used the belt when we are traveling, but
prefer to use the martinet (less noisy!)

Baxter said...

My wife always demands that I wear a belt on my jeans when traveling. The thing is that I don't wear a belt on my jeans normally so when told to do so, I have those warm thoughts of my bare bottom being whacked hard by my loving wife with the belt. I don't care about the noise it can make, only that my wife is making music with it on my bottom. She has used it at a B&B and several hotels/motels. Special is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Cindy had the belt kissing your bottom. Here is where we are different, I'd rather have R using the belt over a wooden spoon or hair brush. Yes they do make a lot of noise and I've had it used on me in many hotels. Kids should be leaving today so just maybe I'll be in the same position some time today.

Dan said...

I have had my belt used on me if my wife had nothing else to use. The belt hurts really bad. Most of the time my wife had a hair brush she keeps in her purse and sometimes she uses it as a reminder to me if I'm acting up while we are out. She will pull it out of her purse and shake it in my face telling me if I don't straighten out she will use it. She doesn't care if anyone sees her do it but she gets the point across.

Njspank said...

Wonderful scene

Red said...

anon; it certainly was a wonderful ride

L: well, on the bright side, the bridle has now been used, and MAY not make another appearance.

Baxter: glad to know it brings fond memories, and great anticipation. The only thing on a cruise ship is that we are there for many days, as opposed to a hotel room.

archedone: only friends can say I hope you were spanked on the day they left, or shortly thereafter on a nother day

Njspank: thank you
bottoms up

Red said...

Dan: that would definitely get one's attention, and everyone else in the vicinity. A belt is VERY effective.
bottoms up