second Cindy spanking in one week

So, I am  a little out of order (sayeth the judge):

My previous post of Cindy being spanked was actually her second spanking in two days, as I had spanked her the day before.

The background: while on vacation a week ago, we were at the beach, and were about to go back to our hotel when Cindy decided we should go back to a shoe store, as she had decided to purchase a pair of shoes that she had previously tried on three days before.

WHEN WE WERE IN THE SHOE STORE, AT THAT TIME, I told her to purchase them, as they were at a sale price and she had bought the exact same type of sandal from the same manufacturer and the same size a month ago at full price in a different location.

She hemmed and hawed, said she loved them, but was uncertain.

Now, she was wanting to drive back there in traffic..etc.... My response was it worth a hand spanking (20 spanks) for us having to go there. She immediately said yes! 

We went to the store, she tried them on for a while, but decided that it was a little too small, as a couple of toes in each shoe were over the edge of the sandal! Good decision, comfort and fit totally outweigh the look! I have yet to mention has she found the same problem with the other pair she previously purchased, as they were $125 plus tax!

The spanking was delayed for various reasons while we away, so I brought it up a few days ago, and followed through with the spanking. When one is agreed upon, thn the erpson doing the spanknig should follow through.

It was with a little lecture, my lowering Cindy's pants and panties, and a fun time was had by me, with  Cindy bare bottomed over my knees.

Cindy thanked me after the spanking, and we proceeded with the rest of the day. (I would have willingly made love at the time, but Cindy decided not to....  More fuel for the engine when we do next make love.

bottoms up

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