New Year Resolutions

I am not one to make resolutions, as I would like to think that I am open minded enough to make changes whenever needed!  However:

Resolution 1 : for those men wishing to be spanked by their partner... maybe leave this visible on your computer screen by accident

RESOLUTION 1 FOR THE LADIES: try the direct approach

If you have had trouble convincing your husband to spank you, resolve to try the direct approach!

 Resolution 2 : for a woman wanting to stop her husband's computer naughtiness

Resolution 3: if  a  woman is disappointed in her partner
Resolution 4: that a man's eyes should not wander
These came from a fun site with some interesting spanking captions, but, unfortunately, it also has edging and chastity photos. (What naughty boys get.. but happy we are only into spanking)

Happy New Year's Eve: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE, or at least, if you have a couple of drinks, make certain you eat enough, and enough time elapses, so that your alcohol level on a breathizer is an acceptable level for where you live!

bottoms up


Njspank said...

Happy new year.....terrific post and ideas.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Red and Cindy. Great ideas but I really do get enough spanking she has plenty of ideas of her own for spanking me.

Mitch Philbin said...

The disciplinarian in the top photo is Alice Morningstar, a very accomplished spanker who splits her time between New York and Los Angeles.

Red said...

njspank: thank you, and Happy New Year to you also

archedone: so very true. Happy New Year to both of you

mitch: Thank you for the name, so people can google and find her if desired
bottom sup

Red said...

Another note for readers if anyone looks at the comments... visit Mitch's site (http://allthingsspanking.com/)and you can find many interesting things, plus links to disciplianarians like Alice.

Baxter said...

this blog is great. love the pictures. the second one down is right on the money - what do I have do to do get a spanking? Well in my case either piss my wife off ( I tend to do that a lot) or just ask for a spanking.

Red said...

baxter: the interesting thing is that we annoy our wife, unknowingly!
bottoms up