Cindy spanked

Occasionally, Cindy does somethings that I feel merit's a spanking, and she has begun to acquiesce to my statement!

Their is the possibility that she will not agree, and that I might be spanked for suggesting it. However, a discipline spanking is sometimes needed.

The reason: i called Cindy on her cell phone, and she answered, saying she was only two minutes away from the house, so will be home soon. she is waiting at a red light. (She was the driver in the car!)

When she arrived home, I asked her about using the cell phone while being a driver, and she said she was stopped at a red light, and had put the car in park! ( a double error, as if the light changed, and she did not notice, someone behind might honk and she could get  flustered.)

I also reminded her that this would be a very EXPENSIVE TICKET plus our car insurance would go up, if a police person saw her! She responded but the car was in park, and I asked how would the police person know that?

She realized she was wrong, and I stated that she should  be spanked for such bad and dangerous behavior, and she started to acquiesce! I stated that it should be twenty spanks bare bottomed otk, with my hand, but if it ever happened again, it would be more than twenty and with the hair brush!

We proceeded to the bedroom, where I sat on the spanking chair, slowly lowering Cindy's pants, and then her panties, all the while stating that she had earned this spanking, and that hopefully she will remember the spanking and not be so foolish again!
I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as I delivered one spank to each cheek, then paused, and repeated this ten times. She bottom was an ice shade of pink and red, when I finsihed, and Cindy, reluctantly, thanked me for her spanking.

We did not make love that day, but it added sexy thoughts to the next time we made love the day later.

Bottoms up (photo is from Realspankings.com)


micheleFFS said...

Fair enough! Impulsive and unsafe behaviors deserve a spanking, whoever is it is.

Mutual DD couple said...

It's always nice hearing about other couples in mutual domestic discipline relationships. (We sometimes think we're the only ones.)

Sophie and Steve

smuccatelli said...

From the description, her pride was hurt more than anything else. Still quite a delightful story.

Anonymous said...

We are not perfect and Cindy did deserve the spanking. Having said that did you have any idea when you called her that she might be in the car and driving? If so you added to the problem and maybe a double spanking was in order.

Red said...

michele: absolutely, in a consensual setting.

MutualDD Couple: thank you for leaving a comment, and please write more about your lifestyle. It would be excellent for readers, and myself to read.

smuccatelli: definitely her pride, but her bottom did smart, as I was certain to make it be remembered.

archedone: I had no idea that she was in the car driving! She does not need a reason to spank me, so that is always a possibility!

bottoms up

Red said...

Sophie and Steve: I just found you r blog, and will publicize it in the next few days
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

My husband loves to find a reason to spank me and the car is one....I left it on the street and he hates that as we have a driveway.....that did get me a bare bottom spanking a year ago when it got hit.....

Baxter said...

We have a law in our state - the cell phone use has to be hands free. Gee how many people do you think violate that law? There would be a lot of spanking going on, that is for sure.

Red said...

anon: definitely a well deserved spanking...

Baxter: very true, and if the officer was to administer the spanking, a lot of women would happily call and report them-selves!
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have enjoyed your Blog and we are so happy you won 1st Place. I hope Cindy rewards you with a over the knee bare bottom spanking. If not my wife would be glad to spank us both.....Deal Red???

Red said...

anon: sounds wonderful to me, with Cindy's approval (of course)... on second thoughts, I hope your spankings are consensually reasonable,even though they are effective!!
bottoms up