Christmas cheer

Here is a very rude Christmas song, that I know many readers will enjoy.....

Make certain that no one who would disapprove can hear it!


Seems like the New Yorker knew something in 1939

And here is how Santa deals with those naughty ladies
 Looks like a wonderful list to own.. of all the naughty girls in town
but a word of warning to SANTA!!!
Merry Christmas
bottoms up


smuccatelli said...

That "Santa spanking" one looks like Bettie Page being spanked. I think Olivia DeBernardiis (sp?) is the artist. I like it, but she should be bare-bottomed... ;-)

Baxter said...

I would rather be on a naughty list than a good list.


Red said...

smuccatelli: the more bare bottomed ladies being spanked the better, plus the men!

Baxter: I think you qualify, just for your thoughts at the office!
bottoms up