Audrey Knight has a new site

Fans of Audrey Knight will be very pleased to see that she is back, and is creating  new spanking material! Better yet, it is being published  for free access at the moment:
I have always enjoyed seeing spankings by Audrey (from a distance), because she is a formidable spanker! However, I believe that she can tailor spankings to what the person wants, and thus you can see many pictures of a very very red bottom, but without blood or bruising. A spanking of this nature has to leave a person with a very sore bottom for a significantly long time. She can do more, and although some may like seeing them, I never publish those!!
I have also enjoyed looking at photos of Audrey being spanked, as she has a most beautiful bottom that would be wonderful to spank, and a most beautiful face and physique.  She is simply a very gorgeous Lady!!  

When you look at the first picture on this post, that look is fabulous, and you know your bottom is going to be SO SORE!!!!

Here is what  Stefan Rhyzhkov wrote on a previous post of mine:

"Please to follow Audrey's spanking360 family on tumblr and twitter: You will soon see we are not using these sites in conventional manners, and you'll get to see a heck of a lot of amazing spanking action (award winning if it was on a blog) that we upload every day, for free, for Audrey's fans.

It is our way of thanking them for their patience while we find a way to make Spanking360 piracy safe, profitable for all those who contributed, and, yes, interactive! (right down to the vids).

Coming this February, the first disciplinary spanking every Tweeted live! As Ms Mila Rose will go over my knee for a 45 minute punishment spanking that will be directed (in the physical sense) by Audrey herself.

You will see some of your favorite models tweeting pics and short vids, and Ms Mila Rose punished, at her own behest, for reasons that will soon be announced when she publishes her confession.

That's right! Mila asked for a punishment spanking, and EVERYBODY gets to (kinda) watch! (for now)"

Stefan also wrote:
To Red, Thanks so much for this. Part of the delay in launching 360 is the less than amicable split between Audrey and the people who run her former sites. Audrey has published blurbs on numerous occasions saying she has nothing to do with these sites, that they are simply recycling content, and not paying out a nickel. These photos (even though some are missing their watermarks [another hazard of the game]) are indeed Spanking360 pics, as are the gifs below.""

It is sad, but such is the world, that spankers and spankees get paid once (hopefully) for being involved in a spanking photo shoot, and the pictures and video live forever, but no royalties go to the participants.

I am as guilty as everyone, in that i use photos that obviously involve models, and I use them as public common usage photos! My only defense is that I make ZERO dollars from this blog, and thus to pay to use the photos would cost far more than the enjoyment I receive from writing the blog!

I recommend you visit Audrey and Stefan's site

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Anonymous said...

I'm confused. How do we get to see Mila getting spanked? Is there a link that I've missed.

smuccatelli said...

Always like to see Audrey. The gif of her getting a spanking must be an older one. She definitely looks younger and she DOES have a remarkably bouncy little ass. I think she only does female dominant now, not that that's a bad thing...

Hermione said...

Congratulations on winning your category in the 2015 Spanking Blog Awards! It couldn't happen to a nicer blogger.


Red said...

anon: no link missed. It will be posted at a later date.

smuccatelli: She probably only does female dominate, and yes, that is a great thing!!!

Hermione: thanks! I had a post ready for tomorrow, but chose to post it now! It is quite amazing!
bottoms up

Njspank said...

Audrey is beautiful just wish I was over her knee just once

Red said...

njspank: as would I, but only once, and only for a normal spanking, not a severe spanking. I am certain her normal spankings are formidable
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Audrey is awesome i would love to be severley spanked by her often and i would also volunteer to be her spanking model for her to display all her talents a the awesome spanker that she is so she can show all her butt blistering talent on me

Red said...

Joe: pleasant dreams... you can always ask to be a model in a spanking video, but they only do REAL spankings.
bottoms up