women holding a cane

A cane is one spanking implement that one needs time to learn it's pleasures that it can give.
Until learned (if ever), it is simply a very unnerving item to see your partner holding! In the next photo, she appears delighted with your look of fear!
This woman seems delighted how springy this cane is
You know they are intent on using it on your bare bottom almost immediately.
A smug look states your time is up buster, now we deal with the problem, and the solution! 
Oh, please,not that cane, please please please
She waits confidently while you remove all your clothes
and the cane is so frightfully long, that it will build a terrifying momentum, and wrap around your bottom so very far...
 Even outdoors, you are not safe.
 possibly you play with your wife dressing up as a school girl to cane you
or a older woman and you are dressed like a young businessman attending his first interview
but the playful feeling ends as the cane does it's magic on your bottom
and a word of advice: never play with two omen holding canes
so enjoy the thoughts, but not the reality

bottoms up


Michael M said...

Like # 1 and the schoolgirl . I happily would go over the desk for her.

Anonymous said...

N. (my late wife) started using the cane after she had discovered one (rattan) in her late grandmother's attic - but only on "special" occasions.
J., who knew about it, later got one on her own (not rattan) and uses both - though, like N , only when "special" treatment is warranted...


Anonymous said...

We don't have a cane but she does use the rod from window blinds. Don't know which is worse but I dread the rod.

Anonymous said...

My mother in law told my wife that I was a slow learner, spankings were not getting the point across. A visit to my mother in law home I found myself feeling the sting of the cane in her front room, I knew the whole neighborhood heard me, she insured I would start learning. My wife uses it now and then and talk about dancing around the room afterwards, she states I'm getting better.

Red said...

michael: I agree
L: glad you do not need to experience the rattan frequently.
archedone: any cane like item is effective
anon: best to be a quick learner, and not need constant reminding
bottoms up

sixofthebest said...

If I had my way, each of these women would be corporally punished by me, by having their dress, or skirt raised waist high, their knickers taken down, and on the bare bottom given by me 'six of the best', with a pliable stinging cane.

Red said...

that would be a wonderful activity also.
bottoms up