tumbling into other eroticisms(adventurous tuesday)

Tumblr has to be one of the nicest places to bounce around in.

With a  tongue in cheek concept, it wins hands down  (oops.. watch what those hands are doing) inner in exposing kink searching individuals to see other facets of our restricted lives.

Delightful place #1 to visit:
What I love is that Cindy has never worn something like this, and I did not know they existed... with the added bonus that some are everyday postings from individuals, not website manufactured models
You might also like to visit:

http://bossymsbecky.tumblr.com/ which has lots of dialogue betwen Ms Becky and people who send comments to her.
Now, a walk on the wilder side!!!
Okay, a GIGANTIC LEAP (squeezing his jewels)

 bottoms up  Red 

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