Terrorism :my reactions to your comments

Cat said: My heart is breaking for those in Paris and I totally agree with you that something has to be done about ISIS NOW!

Cat: We agree, that something was be done, and that means attacking them with land forces and destroying them.

archedone stated: Red as a Vet I agree with you. Many people are against the wars we have been in since WW II. What they don't understand is we have NOT been involved in wars. they were conflicts. They have declared war on us now we have to declare war on them. With our might and the assistance of other free countries we could go thru the Arab country and destroy them within a year at the most and then it would be over. do it right or get out.

Archedone:  i doubt if it will ever be over, and certainly not in our lifetime..Thinking the 100 years war (catholic vs Protestant...) is now Sunni vs Shiite, and extremists against everyone! However, they should not be able to control ANY TOWN or village, and should be attacked wherever they set up camp. We can reduce them to a minor force, but all it takes is one idiot to attack!

Ed stated: Well said, brother. Conviction and ferocity of force wins the day. And as another Vet, thank you for your service. And Red, as a new reader, thank you both for addressing this issue, and for an extraordinarily wonderful blog.

Ed: determination is needed, and civilians will die in the attacks! However, they are only attacking civilians, or soldiers at rest, without weapons. (ps: glad you like the blog)

Ralph stated: well i think your absence is ok, all of our lurkes have to be present with you,
kind regards, ralph from germany

Ralph; thanks for writing

another person from Germany wrote:
Yeah, because we all know how well violence has worked against terrorism in the past. Seriously, Red, as someone from Europe who's seen all of the recent events, I cannot stress enough how little help all these "Muslim invasion" comments, specifically from the political right in the US, have provided! They have nothing to do with the reality of the situation in Germany, France or Eastern Europe. To conclude that the vicious attack in Paris yesterday has anything to do with the current refugee crisis is not justified by anything, apart from the few "Culture Warriors" who want to make this into a war between civilizations and don't realize how little that helps with anything! I won't even get started on the current war against ISIS, in which the US didn't do anything until recently purely for geostrategical reasons, until Russia decided to put up their own operations in Syria. If you really think that an invasion of Syria is the right thing to do, you can't have paid too much attention to the effects of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars in the past decade.

I could ramble on, but why bother. If you want to turn this site into a Breitbart-style comment page, go ahead. But I'd suggest you start another blog for that. I really enjoy most of your posts here, Red, but I don't want to come here for these kind of political discussions. If you think they should have a place here, it's your blog, but just know that at least one of your readers has no interest in these discussions whatsoever.

Best regards from Germany, and #‎NousSommesUnis‬

Anon: I have never read the Breitbart website. What is needed is removing  ISIS from controlling any piece of land, and that can be done. Throwing our hands up in despair, and doing nothing is not the solution.  We joined with the Soviet union to eradicate Hitler, we need to join with them; and other countries, to wipe out any ISIS controlled anything.

SMUCCATELLI STATED: Couldn't agree with you more. As the conservative pundit Ann Coulter said: "Invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity". Maybe not the last part, but at least bomb the shit out of their "caliphate", kill their leaders and give the survivors the choice of renouncing radical jihadism or looking forward to more "martyrs"..

Smuccatelli; bomb and invade.. they should be given no place to hide. No conversion of religion, but let them be radicals hiding in the hills, but not controlling land areas!

Baxter stated: I support whatever you do with your blog, but as another said above, I come to it for spanking fun, not tirades about current affairs. I go to Aljazerra, NY Times, Washington Post etc for information on current affairs. As concerns the middle east, I believe the US has a part to play but so do many other countries. And if the US is going to play a part, then we need to have a plan, execute the plan, and then get back to US soil. We have the means to kill ISIS, but we need the will to do it. We cannot have another Iraq war fiasco.
Bring back the spanking blogs

Baxter: I will return to this being a spanking blog in a while, but it seems too unimportant for the current time.

JWLR: Hi Red, Long time reader here but rare poster. Sorry to hear of your decision to suspend but I respect your choice to decide. Yes, its an invasion and our country is run by the enemy. God help us all.

JWLR: I disagree that America is run by the enemy.

Really folks:
Public opinion has to be raised that America once again join with our ALLIES, and the Soviet Union to wipe out ISIS.

I have little interest in discussing spanking at the moment.



smuccatelli said...

I agree that the US and our allies should do something, probably something coordinated amongst themselves and possibly with others. The UN, as usual, is totally useless here. Perhaps they will write ISIS a stern letter of warning. Or something. It would seem that our interests and the Russians are in a rare state of conflation right now. If this leaves Assad in power, so be it. As much of a vicious thug as he is, he looks like a boy scout next to the barbarians of ISIS. He, like his father before him and Khaddafy in Libya and Saddam in Iraq, cruel and autocratic as they were, at least kept things functioning and kept their boots firmly on the necks of their own radical elements. That just seems to be the way it is in that part of the world.

And, btw, shouldn't some of the Arab Muslim countries be in on this? ISIS wants to kill them too, for several reasons. The King of Jordan has been active in this but he can't do it alone. Where are our "allies" Saudi Arabia, Egypt, et al? The Turks might want to get in on this too, at least in a support role...

Baxter said...

I agree with Smuccatelli. Arab Muslim countries need to be front and center, NOT THE US. Sure we have the military that can kick their butts, but the US does not understand the issues that have governed that area of the world for centuries. I have read up on this for several years via the Economist and I leave the articles quite confused. So Netanyahoo, King of Jordan, Saudi Arabia need to get off their collective asses and help fight ISIS. We need a coalition of all interested parties, much like the coalition GHW Bush had in the first iraq war.

Red said...

smuccatelli and Baxter: I agree with both of your comments
thanks for participating