spanking tumblr site to visit

Another site that has been around for a few months, has a title that speaks volumes....

If you have never been spanked as an adult... you might find the clothing your wife is wearing to be FABULOUSLY EXCITING
your reaction might be:
but, don't believe the friendly flirty smile, and the price tag on the implement stating she just purchased this on a whim to spice things up!
One of my members sent me a link to your blog. It is really cool but the reason he sent me the link was because I am on it. I'm the woman with the purple heart wooden paddle shown here:
The paddle is from Cane-iac,com which makes wonderful, affordable spanking implements. I model for them. My personal website is SpankableTerra.com.
I am honored that you put me on your blog but if you could link Cane-iac and myself I would really appreciate it.
Hi Terra: thanks for letting me know, and hope this is an acceptable way of using your photo, which I found somewhere on tumblr. If you would like to send me a couple of photos,I will publicize and link everything to your website.
bottoms up (mine or yours or both)  / smiles Red

Because the spanking will set your bottom on fire

“Stop wiggling…it certainly won’t stop your paddling!”

and maybe she will try to fry an egg on your bottom after the spanking has ended
But, my word of advice, after many years of being spanked... AGREE!!!!!!! It is a wonderful aphrodisiac, and problem solver

Photos are from this site.
bottoms up

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ronnie said...

Thanks Red. I will add the site to my next In with the New Tumble Edition.