spanked photo of the year

This one is for the ladies

Now, honestly, how many of you thought that this man was tremendously endowed 

and had to take a second or third look...

This came from : http://spanking-vignettes.tumblr.com/

and your after Halloween spooky art! do you see the lady in the mirror or the skull (or both)

bottoms up


kdpierre said...

Hi, Red. I hit the "search Google for this image" on the picture of the guy at the beach but only that image came up. However, as someone who has been misled many times with stuff like this......I will bet any amount this was Photo-shopped. You would not believe how many "cool" pictures I've found on all sorts of things later turned out to be fakes made with a program. Just don't ever be too sure on things that seem too wild to be true. Most times they're not.

smuccatelli said...

Saw this one on that very tumblr the other day and, it's true, I DID have to look twice to make sure that was his arm...

There's another one currently posted, dated Nov. 3, that you might also enjoy.

Red said...

kdpierre: very true.. most likely Photoshopped, but still charming due to the double take!
smuccatelli: definitely a double take.

bottoms up