SPANK J. K. Rowling for this atrocity! (no-maj is a no go!! )

It appears that J.K Rowlings is changing things for America, and we MUGGLES are NOT IN agreeance


Ït turns out, in America, muggles aren't actually called "muggles." Wizards stateside call them "no-maj," which EW explains is pronounced "no-madge." It means "no magic," which makes sense.  Plenty of English words and phrases are different across the pond, so it would fit that American wizards would use a different slang word to describe the non-spellcasting folks around them. But the Internet was not pleased with this revelation. "

It appears J.K. needs a few spankings from muggles in north America, and many of us would line up for that treat....
Any spanking artists out there should start a few drawings of J. K. being spanked!!!!
bare bottomed for certain!
 And keep those feet from dancing (thus lessening the effect of the spanking0
 and then maybe use the chair for her to display her bottom for the paddle
and the ruler will let her know that MUGGLES RULE
as you can see, when one man finishes, the next lap is waiting
and then the ladies want their turn of spanking J.K., and many of us men know how determined those spankings would be 

Well, we can at least dream of spanking her, and dream she will change away from no-maj... I just cannot imagine that being slang in 1920 USA. Can you picture James Cagney, or  any actors saying no-maj!

I have never Photoshopped any picture, but it may be time to learn. Send me any spanking photo you might have if you have photoshopped J.K. Rowling being spanked.

bottoms up


Baxter said...

love the photos.


Red said...

baxter: you are welcome
bottoms up