one last thought then I am taking a week or more off..

We cannot let these terrorists control our life and thoughts. We have to let the government unite and take action against them.

In a terrorist war, it is hard to distinguish the terrorist from the civilian, and to defeat them, or at least marginalize them , some civilians will die. 

If gunfire comes from a building, then to protect our soldiers, it would be best if artillery destroyed the building.

If a known terrorist is in a specific location, but with civilians nearby, my opinion is take out the terrorist!  Civilians permit and enhance the terrorists, working in the oil factories to produce oil that is sold to give them money.

I have just finished  reading
Hitler's Furies, about women who helped in the offices of the SS , Gestapo, etc, those that helped or worked in the death camps, etc...and  teachers that moved into the conquered lands to educate the masses, the nurses who euthanized the sick the elderly, including their own seriously wounded German soldiers... 

It makes an eye opening read of just how many people helped make the war, and helped kill the 6 million Jewish people, and millions more.

Also, I am just finishing reading : Jeff Shaara : the fateful lightning, which describes General William Sherman's march through the South (Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina) in the last year of the USA civil war. He destroyed railroads, many cities (wood structures) were burnt to the ground, any building where his troops were fired on were burnt to the ground, the slaves that flocke4d to his army for their freedom! Much more is in this book, but he starved the Confederate armies and thus weakened their resolve. The case is made that .the people were made to feel the severity of the war, not simply the soldiers who had to die fighting it. The people at home sent their sons and husbands to fight, while they  used slave s to produce the food to send to the army, produced the artillery and arms to fight with, and assured that no soldier would flee the fighting so as not to embarrass their name or honor...

These two books really is altering some of my thinking regarding civilians in a time of war.


I had a few emails that I did not publish, basically stating what I should do, ....get back to writing about spanking, and stop bringing the real world into their fantasy.

The funny thing is that almost  ALL ANONYMOUS, so I deleted them.

When you see reports that an air strike has killed some civilians near-by, although sad, these civilians are choosing to live in the midst of the ISIS!

However, ISIS continues to kill innocent civilians in Iraq, and take young girls as sex slaves.


Kurdish forces discover two mass graves after freeing Iraqi town from ISIL control 

then again:

you can read of ISIS attacking another terrorist organization....Hezbollah,..but they do this by killing civilians..

So, maybe, it is best to not dwell on the sadness in the world, and rejoice the freedom we have! Whenever next in Paris, be certain to eat outside, and raise a glass of wine (red for your health) to life!!! The terrorists can never win!!



Baxter said...

We visited Paris in 2014 and I can't wait to go back. If I could afford it, I would go now. It is a great city. And I would eat on outside and drink wine. If any readers have not been to Paris, do yourself a favor and go. Enjoy the cuisine, Louvre, Arc de triumph, eiffel tower, and many art galleries. We most enjoyed sitting in the park on metal chairs and watching people and relaxin. It is a beautiful city.

In closure. F the ISIS. enjoy life. That will piss ISIS off.


smuccatelli said...

The same General Sherman famous for saying "War is hell...". That was no exaggeration on his part. Brutal as it was, it worked. Sherman's name is still spoken of with contempt in the South, even 150 years later.

The ISIS crowd are savages, nothing more...

Red said...

baxter: We love Paris also. You forgot to mention Le Moulin Rouge....

smuccatelli:: for everyone who still states his name with contempt, they should read this book. he, more than any other general, helped stop the insane war. They did not kill civilians, but took everything they needed to survive while marching across the countryside. State governor's tried to individually secede from the confederacy. People were made to understand war, not just some glorious adventure of chivalry.
One other note: we were in Wilmington, visited the Bellamy mansion, and were shown around by a southern woman, who talked about the noble family that had lived there, and then i asked her if she would have liked to have lived in that time as a slave in the slaves quarters at the back of the building.. The tour ended!