naughty commercial banned in UK

Tís a sad day, when suggestive humor is forced from the airways!


This commercial is delightful!!!! WATCH IT!!!

I would definitely purchase this wine, just to be able to savor it, and be almost able to "taste the bush"
The placement of the red wine is very cunning!!!! (snicker snicker)

Oral sex should be encouraged, as another way to delight each other. Fortunately, young people know about it, and do not have the inhibitions my generation did.

Both men and women deserve orgasms, and many women cannot climax from intercourse, and a gentleman should always make certain that his partner orgasms every time they make love..

It took me some time to realize this in our marriage, where discussing sex was really strange to do when we were first married.  Early in marriage, we visited Paris, and had no idea what a bidet was used for.
It took a while for me to realize, with Cindy's encouragement, that orally pleasing her is an absolutely wonderful experience for both of us. It also  took a while of encouraging Cindy to shower or take a quick freshen-up bath before sex, similar to using a bidet. For those ladies still uncertain, if you have been using public toilets, the aroma of a toilet bowl is not an encouraging smell for oral sex.

So, if you ever see premier estates wine from Australia, purchase a bottle and #taste the bush

If not, you should taste the BRUSH!!

 Both are delightful

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Yes a bidet. Sometimes the UK is way ahead of us. Every home here should have one and the mothers should teach their daughters what they are for and how to use them. In my late teens we had a saying. Show me a guy that will not go down on his girl and I'll take her away from him. and one more. A guy says to his friend I don't know why women keep chasing me I haven't done anything wrong. His friend smiles and says stop licking your eyebrows.

smuccatelli said...

I remember this one. In fact, not only did I send the link to an Aussie friend, I downloaded it to my hard drive. Very funny. Apparently they don't have quite the same sense of humor in the UK as they do in Oz. My Aussie friend mentioned that "bush" in Oz is often referred to as "a map of Tasmania" (Google it)...

Hermione said...

I love the commercial! Aussies have a great sense of humour! Thanks for sharing.


Red said...

archedone: love it... stop licking your eyebrows...
smuccatelli: glad youlikedi t... I prefer our interpretation of bush.
Hermione: glad you liked it.
bottoms up