having fun

Best to move on, and enjoy life... keep enjoying life, and every airstrike against ISIS..

It is not the bait you use, it is how you wriggle your lure

As for the religious idea of creation:

bottoms up


Baxter said...

Belly buttons can be sexy. When I was on Experience Project a few years ago, there were a few special interest groups regarding belly buttons where they were innies or outies and some other categories. But I think belly buttons should be pointed down to the ground which means the bottom is pointed up in the air for hmmm, uh er, oh yeah, spanking.
While I agree the Paris attacks have been center stage, I never once stopped looking at sexy women and their fabulous bottoms and wondering what they would look like over my knee with their bottoms bare.

smuccatelli said...

The only thing that would make that t-shirt more "Mendocino" is if the skeleton was smoking a joint instead of a cigar...

Red said...

Baxter: very ture, we can't let the idiots make life miserable, when so much beauty exists in so many facets of life.

smuccatelli: very true., actually in a grocery store they had ADULT brownies at the cash!
bottoms up