feminization art (adventurous tuesdays)

I am deleting some of the massive amount of art and photos that I have stored over the years...
Wearing a blouse, doe snot stop this man from having his bottom roasted
Might this man have said housework is a WOMAN's Job (and the outfit now fits the role he will be following when doing the housework
lipstick (a fitting touch of reality)
Showing a hard bulge  will get you spanked
 modeling for the ladies get together certainly shhows who wears the pants int eh family, and it isn't you!!!
Maybe a wig will make him more feminine
 Saying no to the wig gets you SPANKED!!
 and as a last touch... how about a corset
remeber, it's purpose is to be tight and pull in your waistline
sometimes it takes more effort
  She just can't stop smiling over your embarrassment !!
 but you never know what her imagination might include
the whole enchilada 

 and play

so be extremely happy to greet her at the door only wearing an apron showing her that dinner is ready, and her favorite drink! 
bottoms up


micheleFFS said...

Thanks for this, Red. I have a large collection of F/D clip art, about 1000 pics. Often, the drawings capture the essence of particular situations better than photos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Red. I have a collection of about 1000 femdom art illustrations. Sometimes drawings capture the essence of interactions better than photos.


Tom said...

I have no taste at all for feminization and hate the idea of linking it to spanking.
My guess is that a majority of men into spanking agree with me. What do you think?

smuccatelli said...

There's Fem-dom and then there's feminization. Feminization is ALWAYS fem-dom but fem-dom doesn't always involve feminization and, like the commenter above, I don't particularly care for feminization or "sissification". I think women spanking grown men is humiliating and embarrassing enough without making them wear panties and a bra...

Still, it is YOUR blog, so you should do as you please.

Red said...

michele: you are welcome... life should be enjoyed, however you desire to enjoy it, as long as it does not infringe on others freedoms...

Tom: I would say most people have no interest in spanking! This could be another branch of being submissive, but can involve thoughts of transgender, role play, etc...
Live life to the fullest, as long as it is safe, sane, and consensual

smuccatelli: I disagree that feminization is always femdom! With so many sexualities, Lesbian, Gay, trans, bi-sexual and many shades in between, life is a wonderful melange. Hope everyone enjoys what they are experimenting with.

I am not humiliated to be spanked by my wife, and am not humiliated if someone knows I am spanked. However, I prefer to keep this kink knowledge from my children and their families.
What I will not post is anything about children involvement in spanking, nor you may notice I rarely show any age play spankings, and I NEVER show BLOOD being caused by spankings.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I am allergic to the idea of having L. wear any sort of female attire when I am about to punish him - if only because it would seem to imply that women are inferior, or weaker than men. I spank or whip him as a man (or as a boy) who needs to respect and obey me - and, indeed, all women.

The only exception is that he is usually required to wear a "maid's apron" (and nothing else below the waist) when he performs his weekend chores - but that is only because it makes his derrière more readily 'accessible' for a swift application of the kitchen spoon, the switch or the martinet, as needed...


Red said...

J; I have only thought of it as being submissive, doing things that you normally would never do. Obviously, women are not inferior,
bottoms up