142 students killed in Kenya. Where’s the international outrage?

When went down,the world stood up for them. 

When went down, the world forgot its feet. 

I will not belabor the point, but if you never read this, you should...

Here is the link


Sadly, there are many more instances like this! This means we must stand-up and fight this insane terrorism, not defensively, because everyone everywhere is a target, but aggressively, making them the target!!!

These were Christians, so the Muslims were spared, and the Christians were executed.



Michael M said...

Well I think we all know why it did not not outrage the world.

Anonymous said...

Oh it was this group and not that group. They all have a common name, Islam.

smuccatelli said...

Yes, of course I heard about it and read about it too and he's right; it was Al Shabaab, not ISIS that did it. Not the same at all, but then they are. One crazy, radical, Islamist nutjob murderer looks pretty much like another to me. And there's another similarity (and it's not racially motivated); they singled out and murdered Christians, just like ISIS does, though they kill others too. In Paris, they singled out and murdered disabled people in the music venue. They're animals; rabid dogs and the only "cure" for rabies is euthanasia by one means or another.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read that article before. The story unfortunately didn't make the news where I'm from. I did, however, read about the other massacre that happened around the time of the attack at Charlie Hebdo. That was via a link on Facebook though.

Realistically there is so much violence and religiously motivated attacks most of the world never hears about, for one reason or another. A lot of it is happening on the African continent, where religious and tribal motivated violence is happening every day, and only a small part of the information about that, ever make it out of Africa. Most likely due to a combination of bad connection between the local media and the international media, lack of national interests in the region on part of the US, Europe and elsewhere, and finally because it makes for less of a well selling story, when it involves black people murdering each other in another part of the world :-(

Red said...

michael: I think it is more that the press leads where the owners want them to go. (I may hav emissed it while travelling, because usually i cannot read the local papers, and so many things to do, than reading the news from home daily.

anon: they all have the name RADICAL ISLAM.

smuccatelli:strong measures are needed... Some who have been to Syria, are returning to their original land of birth. Jail them until they die, in a 23 hour lockdown...

anon: sadly, this is very true... then again, how much despair can we read about daily