the shower

A good time to spank him is when he is just out of the shower.
a recently wet bottom certainly feels the spanks even more than usual

or maybe while he is in the shower
but if he is taking a bath, there are ways to get him out of the baht quickly
first the hand
but the purpose is for his bottom to be sore, not your hand, so a paddle will be very effective
but if you get tired standing, sit down
and continue the spanking
However,  sometimes, she needs to be spanked while in the shower

bottoms up


ladies day

Just a few photos while I attend to matters at home after a short vacation.
Maybe she should remove her dress and bend over the stool
or maybe just lift the dress up, and be spanked for going commando
A well placed leg keeps here in position for her spanking
but ideally, first the lecture
then the panties being lowered
lovely clear lexan paddle permits us to have a great view
and then the holding of a very sore bottom
bottoms up


women holding a cane

A cane is one spanking implement that one needs time to learn it's pleasures that it can give.
Until learned (if ever), it is simply a very unnerving item to see your partner holding! In the next photo, she appears delighted with your look of fear!
This woman seems delighted how springy this cane is
You know they are intent on using it on your bare bottom almost immediately.
A smug look states your time is up buster, now we deal with the problem, and the solution! 
Oh, please,not that cane, please please please
She waits confidently while you remove all your clothes
and the cane is so frightfully long, that it will build a terrifying momentum, and wrap around your bottom so very far...
 Even outdoors, you are not safe.
 possibly you play with your wife dressing up as a school girl to cane you
or a older woman and you are dressed like a young businessman attending his first interview
but the playful feeling ends as the cane does it's magic on your bottom
and a word of advice: never play with two omen holding canes
so enjoy the thoughts, but not the reality

bottoms up


tumblr site moved

Gemma's previous tumblr had some problems, so she has moved it to




bottoms up


naughty commercial banned in UK

Tís a sad day, when suggestive humor is forced from the airways!


This commercial is delightful!!!! WATCH IT!!!

I would definitely purchase this wine, just to be able to savor it, and be almost able to "taste the bush"
The placement of the red wine is very cunning!!!! (snicker snicker)

Oral sex should be encouraged, as another way to delight each other. Fortunately, young people know about it, and do not have the inhibitions my generation did.

Both men and women deserve orgasms, and many women cannot climax from intercourse, and a gentleman should always make certain that his partner orgasms every time they make love..

It took me some time to realize this in our marriage, where discussing sex was really strange to do when we were first married.  Early in marriage, we visited Paris, and had no idea what a bidet was used for.
It took a while for me to realize, with Cindy's encouragement, that orally pleasing her is an absolutely wonderful experience for both of us. It also  took a while of encouraging Cindy to shower or take a quick freshen-up bath before sex, similar to using a bidet. For those ladies still uncertain, if you have been using public toilets, the aroma of a toilet bowl is not an encouraging smell for oral sex.

So, if you ever see premier estates wine from Australia, purchase a bottle and #taste the bush

If not, you should taste the BRUSH!!

 Both are delightful

bottoms up



oops, I misspelled

I knew some might not like this
bottoms up


having fun

Best to move on, and enjoy life... keep enjoying life, and every airstrike against ISIS..

It is not the bait you use, it is how you wriggle your lure

As for the religious idea of creation:

bottoms up


one last thought then I am taking a week or more off..

We cannot let these terrorists control our life and thoughts. We have to let the government unite and take action against them.

In a terrorist war, it is hard to distinguish the terrorist from the civilian, and to defeat them, or at least marginalize them , some civilians will die. 

If gunfire comes from a building, then to protect our soldiers, it would be best if artillery destroyed the building.

If a known terrorist is in a specific location, but with civilians nearby, my opinion is take out the terrorist!  Civilians permit and enhance the terrorists, working in the oil factories to produce oil that is sold to give them money.

I have just finished  reading
Hitler's Furies, about women who helped in the offices of the SS , Gestapo, etc, those that helped or worked in the death camps, etc...and  teachers that moved into the conquered lands to educate the masses, the nurses who euthanized the sick the elderly, including their own seriously wounded German soldiers... 

It makes an eye opening read of just how many people helped make the war, and helped kill the 6 million Jewish people, and millions more.

Also, I am just finishing reading : Jeff Shaara : the fateful lightning, which describes General William Sherman's march through the South (Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina) in the last year of the USA civil war. He destroyed railroads, many cities (wood structures) were burnt to the ground, any building where his troops were fired on were burnt to the ground, the slaves that flocke4d to his army for their freedom! Much more is in this book, but he starved the Confederate armies and thus weakened their resolve. The case is made that .the people were made to feel the severity of the war, not simply the soldiers who had to die fighting it. The people at home sent their sons and husbands to fight, while they  used slave s to produce the food to send to the army, produced the artillery and arms to fight with, and assured that no soldier would flee the fighting so as not to embarrass their name or honor...

These two books really is altering some of my thinking regarding civilians in a time of war.


I had a few emails that I did not publish, basically stating what I should do, ....get back to writing about spanking, and stop bringing the real world into their fantasy.

The funny thing is that almost  ALL ANONYMOUS, so I deleted them.

When you see reports that an air strike has killed some civilians near-by, although sad, these civilians are choosing to live in the midst of the ISIS!

However, ISIS continues to kill innocent civilians in Iraq, and take young girls as sex slaves.


Kurdish forces discover two mass graves after freeing Iraqi town from ISIL control 

then again:

you can read of ISIS attacking another terrorist organization....Hezbollah,..but they do this by killing civilians..

So, maybe, it is best to not dwell on the sadness in the world, and rejoice the freedom we have! Whenever next in Paris, be certain to eat outside, and raise a glass of wine (red for your health) to life!!! The terrorists can never win!!



142 students killed in Kenya. Where’s the international outrage?

When went down,the world stood up for them. 

When went down, the world forgot its feet. 

I will not belabor the point, but if you never read this, you should...

Here is the link


Sadly, there are many more instances like this! This means we must stand-up and fight this insane terrorism, not defensively, because everyone everywhere is a target, but aggressively, making them the target!!!

These were Christians, so the Muslims were spared, and the Christians were executed.


Terrorism :my reactions to your comments

Cat said: My heart is breaking for those in Paris and I totally agree with you that something has to be done about ISIS NOW!

Cat: We agree, that something was be done, and that means attacking them with land forces and destroying them.

archedone stated: Red as a Vet I agree with you. Many people are against the wars we have been in since WW II. What they don't understand is we have NOT been involved in wars. they were conflicts. They have declared war on us now we have to declare war on them. With our might and the assistance of other free countries we could go thru the Arab country and destroy them within a year at the most and then it would be over. do it right or get out.

Archedone:  i doubt if it will ever be over, and certainly not in our lifetime..Thinking the 100 years war (catholic vs Protestant...) is now Sunni vs Shiite, and extremists against everyone! However, they should not be able to control ANY TOWN or village, and should be attacked wherever they set up camp. We can reduce them to a minor force, but all it takes is one idiot to attack!

Ed stated: Well said, brother. Conviction and ferocity of force wins the day. And as another Vet, thank you for your service. And Red, as a new reader, thank you both for addressing this issue, and for an extraordinarily wonderful blog.

Ed: determination is needed, and civilians will die in the attacks! However, they are only attacking civilians, or soldiers at rest, without weapons. (ps: glad you like the blog)

Ralph stated: well i think your absence is ok, all of our lurkes have to be present with you,
kind regards, ralph from germany

Ralph; thanks for writing

another person from Germany wrote:
Yeah, because we all know how well violence has worked against terrorism in the past. Seriously, Red, as someone from Europe who's seen all of the recent events, I cannot stress enough how little help all these "Muslim invasion" comments, specifically from the political right in the US, have provided! They have nothing to do with the reality of the situation in Germany, France or Eastern Europe. To conclude that the vicious attack in Paris yesterday has anything to do with the current refugee crisis is not justified by anything, apart from the few "Culture Warriors" who want to make this into a war between civilizations and don't realize how little that helps with anything! I won't even get started on the current war against ISIS, in which the US didn't do anything until recently purely for geostrategical reasons, until Russia decided to put up their own operations in Syria. If you really think that an invasion of Syria is the right thing to do, you can't have paid too much attention to the effects of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars in the past decade.

I could ramble on, but why bother. If you want to turn this site into a Breitbart-style comment page, go ahead. But I'd suggest you start another blog for that. I really enjoy most of your posts here, Red, but I don't want to come here for these kind of political discussions. If you think they should have a place here, it's your blog, but just know that at least one of your readers has no interest in these discussions whatsoever.

Best regards from Germany, and #‎NousSommesUnis‬

Anon: I have never read the Breitbart website. What is needed is removing  ISIS from controlling any piece of land, and that can be done. Throwing our hands up in despair, and doing nothing is not the solution.  We joined with the Soviet union to eradicate Hitler, we need to join with them; and other countries, to wipe out any ISIS controlled anything.

SMUCCATELLI STATED: Couldn't agree with you more. As the conservative pundit Ann Coulter said: "Invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity". Maybe not the last part, but at least bomb the shit out of their "caliphate", kill their leaders and give the survivors the choice of renouncing radical jihadism or looking forward to more "martyrs"..

Smuccatelli; bomb and invade.. they should be given no place to hide. No conversion of religion, but let them be radicals hiding in the hills, but not controlling land areas!

Baxter stated: I support whatever you do with your blog, but as another said above, I come to it for spanking fun, not tirades about current affairs. I go to Aljazerra, NY Times, Washington Post etc for information on current affairs. As concerns the middle east, I believe the US has a part to play but so do many other countries. And if the US is going to play a part, then we need to have a plan, execute the plan, and then get back to US soil. We have the means to kill ISIS, but we need the will to do it. We cannot have another Iraq war fiasco.
Bring back the spanking blogs

Baxter: I will return to this being a spanking blog in a while, but it seems too unimportant for the current time.

JWLR: Hi Red, Long time reader here but rare poster. Sorry to hear of your decision to suspend but I respect your choice to decide. Yes, its an invasion and our country is run by the enemy. God help us all.

JWLR: I disagree that America is run by the enemy.

Really folks:
Public opinion has to be raised that America once again join with our ALLIES, and the Soviet Union to wipe out ISIS.

I have little interest in discussing spanking at the moment.



Comments.. about the tradegy in Paris

I will respond to the comments about the attacks in Paris... in a day or two from now...

for TODAY:

a Re-Think of life is needed!



terrorism in France

I have many things to say about the invasion of muslims into Europe, and into Canada.

In respect for the people who have died in the terrorist attack in Paris, I will pause this blog indefinitely, and will from time to time in the next week express my views on how ISIS should be attacked and wiped from the face of our earth.

My opinion, is they should be dealt with the way Nazi Germany was attacked.

Civilians will die, as will many of the terrorists. The civilians can either revolt against the oppressors (ISIS) or side with them. They cannot be the reason where only surgical strikes are done to try to kill identified ISIS members.



love our lurkers

Hello to everyone, with a special hello to those who come by this blog regularly or occasionally, but rarely (if ever)  leave a message!

First-most, let me thank you for visiting my blog, whether you leave a message or not!

However, the reason for LOVE OUR LURKERS DAYS is to encourage you to post a comment saying Hi!  Comments are the lifeblood of blogs, and although I have a few faithful commenters, it is always nice to find new people leaving an occasional comment about their likes and desires, and possibly their spanking relationship with someone.

I attempt to keep a humorous vein to the blog, as I believe spanking is an enhancement  to a happy couple's love, if it is consensual! 
If you don't spank, do NOT do this alternative:
Within these spanking blogs, tumblrs, and Wordpress, you will find like minded individuals, and encouragement to pursue your dreams.

Be certain to post using ANONYMOUS, but then think up a fictitious name that you can use at the end of the post,so that when you next leave a comment, you can use the same name and people will get to know you.

and, when confounded by this conundrum
The answer to the conundrum is predetermined
your fate
and soon your feet will be dancing
REMEMBER: The goal is to enjoy life!!!

but remember also, many women consensually
don't disappoint her if she enjoys it

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