vintage photo day

Thought you might like to see some old spanking photos
such a pretty woman, holding a paddle, wearing a short dress, and beckoning you!!! YUMMY!!!
Did the porter not do his job correctly?
Floggers were all the rage in photos
 as were canes
stockings are wonderful!
Masks for the shy!
 but wonderful to look at topless
The lady is happy, as you show trepidation at how far this cane can bend, and will whip into your bottom 
The lady may have aged, but the cane is still whippy
bottoms up


Tomy Nash said...

"Vintage Photo Day" Absolutely delightful.

Baxter said...

Great blog theme and good photos. To your last photo, I don't think there is a correlation between age and the ability to spank. I would think almost any woman of any age when given the job of spanking a naughty man's bottom could do a right thorough job.

ronnie said...

Great vintage pics Rd. Thanks for sharing.


Red said...

Tomy: you are welcome.

Baxter: vey true

Ronnie: Glad you liked them
bottoms up