vintage f/f photos

It is always nice to look at eroticism from the past
i have no idea where I got these, as I found some old files on my computer
 dleightful acting
the hairstyles are delightful, as are the ladies
can you  imagine what this chain is actually meant to do
This spank has no chance of smacking her bottom
Another quite impossible spanking angle, but lovely bloomers
the photo is black and white, but if the spanks actually existed, would not her bottom have some grey wwhere the red would be?
lovely, but explain the costume
just a fun photo
is this where we were first inducted to the hand has to be high to come down with force?
hope you enjoyed the pictures
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Those old photos give us a good idea that our parents and poss. our grand parents were into spanking so are we really as kinky as we think?

ronnie said...

Thanks Red. I do love to see vintage photos. Some of them new to me.


Red said...

archedone; these photos had an audience, as people would purchase them, or magazines containing them. Maybe we are quite similar to our parents.

Ronnie: glad you enjoyed them
bottoms up