spanking for the day

Always nice to see a happy wife
even if the way to make her happy involves

To keep a relationship happy and problem free, a spanking every now and then certainly solves problems
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Hi I am Jan there ain't nothing like a sound otk spanking for a mis behaving husband along with plenty of cornertime to keep him inline.Jan

Tomy Nash said...

How do you do it? Another marvelous photo collection.

The one titled "but she may then switch to a belt" looks like someone took a candid shot in my house. No. Not literally. But that arrangement has indeed come about in our house (but the belt is a barber strop).

Halloween is coming. Have fun Ya'll

Red said...

Jan: I absolutely agree with you. thanks for leaving a message.

tomy: Glad you liked the post... the barber Strop must be truly effective
Bottoms up