spanking art wednesdays

Thought I would introduce a new feature to the blog....
Many of us, if we have had a life long love/hate relationship with spanking, grew up seeking out spanking art, as seeing real pictures were scarce to come by.
We could and can fantasize about what lead to  our being spanked
and how we unsuccessfully tried to escape while being spanked...

If you are fortunate, you now are able to experience the REAL THING
but at times, wishing you could escape
bottoms up


Baxter said...

as we all know and do, thinking and fantasizing about spanking is fun and arousing, but the real thing hurts like hell and you wonder why you fantasize about it. My wife got a hold of me in a restrained hold and proceeded to spank me hard the other day and HOLY SHIT IT HURT. But here I am thinking and fantasizing about it again, as I do everyday

Red said...

Baxter; so very true... fantasizing, and when reality starts, we wonder why we wished to be spanked.
life is a conundrum!
bottoms up