spanking art f/m

One more take on EndArt, whose art work was wonderful...

So today is a female boss unhappy with a male employee
his performance has been less than admirable
will his erection be how he is tugged over her lap
for a spanking that will create a fire for his bottom
His apology will be given while on his knees
but she might like a little more contrition as she informs her business associate that the problem has been solved
However, she may in future delegate his punishment to anothe rassociate whenever needed
 and she will warm to the idea, as she warms his bottom
take this as a warning for the future of all men working in an office
bottoms up


ronnie said...

Fun. I love Endart. Thanks for sharing these. Have to post a few I have.


Baxter said...

I now report to a woman who is much younger than I. I would bet that she could lay on quite a spanking.

Anonymous said...

Deilious Red :-)

Red said...

Ronnie: yes, it was a wonderful site, but like many, I only saw what other people posted, and never paid to see the entire site.

Baxter: not fully understanding! Does your wife send yo to someone to be spanked?

Jo: glad you liked the post
bottoms up