on the road again

We will be traveling once again, and as per usual, I WILL NOT look at this blog or emails while away. I only use one computer, and only use firefox on that computer for any spanking related topics. i do not save anything to the CLOUD, that I am aware of, and the computer is password protected. While away, I use a mobile device, so I do not ever want to chance the linking in the background of this blog and identity with my public accounts.

Spanking will have to be discreet, depending where we are!

There will be fun sites to visit, and interesting adventures to experience.  (fun outdoor event to watch)
and who knows what might happen... were they cutting switches also
I am certain Cindy will find places to be able to say:
and smile delightedly if I am enthusiastic...
but the look will convey the fact,  that instead of an over the knee spanking, she may pull out the strap for a more NO nonsense spanking

I have left some posts while I am away, as per usual....

Happy trails to you, until, we meet, again (and happy reddened tails)
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Hope you and Cindy have a good trip and may your bottom get properly attended to. I like the tree picture been there also felt the strop and belt standing hands on the bed.

Anonymous said...

A familiar scene - except that when we go out for a hike in the woods, I am not required to take off my shirt, but only to lower my pants to expose the one and only appropiate 'target' ...


Red said...

archedone: one interesting adventure to rpeort eventually

L: as was I
bottoms up