in the wild

another quick post to amuse you
first, begin with a hand spanking
Her foot reacting shows she is feeling the effect
definitely effective
and now completely bare awaiting the paddle
enjoy the great outdoors
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Spanked in the woods is exciting when you know prior that the trip to the woods is for spanking so as you hike you are looking for a good spanking spot. Then always looking around to be sure no one is near then the pants coming down and positioned and the spanking begins. During the spanking you are wondering if anyone can hear or is coming your way and at the same time you don't care as you are also thinking of your stinging bottom.

Baxter said...

like the photo of the nude woman lying over the tree. that kind of photo is very erotic


Red said...

archedone: very true.. fun to be spanked in the woods

Baxter: delicious
bottoms up