flash day

It is always wonderful to see women posing for the camera...
A wedding photo? Wonderful wave!!
That may be a lemon she is picking up, but she certainly is not a lemon
Now how do you arrange the gust of wind????
 AHHHHH A walk on the wild side in the wilderness
I must go shopping more often (and when she goes shopping I certainly hope it is not  for panties)
A planned stroll in the park
The one breast show... stay tuned for the other breast ...
the absolutely best way to wear this dress
 it is always exciting to watch women dance
 Lovely warm weather makes everyone RANDY!
a little naughty look is so wonderfully exciting for her partner

Encourage your wife to flash only for you, and do not publicize if the face is showing. Cindy has flashed for me in many different countries, and I love  it.

Of  course, after your fun, expect to be spanked for asking her to do naughty things
you can see more flash photos at http://forumvoyeurs.tumblr.com/
 the inevitable

bottoms up

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Red said...

no comments, but I love flashing photos of women!!! as opposed to naked women posing for paid sites.
bottoms up