Happy Spanking Halloween

Another fun evening, where all the goblins and witches will be out in force...
Maybe, if you have decorated your entrance way for the children to be delightfully scared, maybe you will be rewarded by being spanked!

Just be careful as to who is spanking your fanny!!!
if you dressed as a ghost, maybe a man dressed as a woman ghost will spank you in a graveyard!!
A brain transplant makes Frankenstein a spankaholic 
and wooden stakes for Dracula's heart have additional usages tonight
a delightful image to imagine
so find a naughty witch and spank her bottom...
spooky spanknigs
bottoms up


expressing subtle spanking thoughts to your partner

I did read magazines about women spanking men, but was very reluctant to express these desires to Cindy....
I think many men and many  women with desires to be spanked find it very difficult to express these desires, for fear of destroying or seriously hurting a wonderful loving relationship and family.
This might be a subtle way to let your wife know!
A collection of WHAP magazines might just do the trick (Women Who Administer Punishment)
Cindy has no problem spanking me in private in a hotel room, or our cabin when on a cruise!, but she is never this obvious1
enjoy the experience, as you travel from the hand
to your partner using a wooden  paddle
and then leather (this time a belt)
and her seeking your assurance that you have learned the lesson that has been taught to you via your spanking.
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kitchen duties

A fun little post that many of my on the spot spankings occur in the kitchen!
Of course, the hand spanking is possible everywhere, but so many other implements (mostly wooden) are also available.
Your wife might even continue to monitor what you are dong ready to spank you again if your work is unsatisfactory...
or just assume you know better and will do it right
However, a more delightful vision is a woman bare bottomed and awaiting her spanking
and after being spanked she still has to do the washing up
be certain to use enough soap, dear
 and when finished, she will offer you a cup of coffee.
a spanked bottom is a good thing!
talley Ho!!!
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vintage f/f art

The facial expressions are quite delightful in this art work
Spanked by the maid
or maybe, spanked in front of the maid
being spanked in front of a friend
 love the bloomers, and being spanked outdoors
 The hats stay on, but the bottom is bare and being spanked
seems like both participants are having a fun time
I just love those rolls (for lack fo a better name in vintage style hotels, and this seems to be the only purpose that I can imagine them being used for (the maid is approving0
 about to be spanked: is it a switch or an umblella

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vintage f/f photos

It is always nice to look at eroticism from the past
i have no idea where I got these, as I found some old files on my computer
 dleightful acting
the hairstyles are delightful, as are the ladies
can you  imagine what this chain is actually meant to do
This spank has no chance of smacking her bottom
Another quite impossible spanking angle, but lovely bloomers
the photo is black and white, but if the spanks actually existed, would not her bottom have some grey wwhere the red would be?
lovely, but explain the costume
just a fun photo
is this where we were first inducted to the hand has to be high to come down with force?
hope you enjoyed the pictures
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rosemary's secret

Some fun ideas, but some a bit extreme for us...

whether with a wooden paddle
or the hand, make the spanking effective

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Home Again

As usual, we had a wonderful time while away on vacation. It will take me a while to reply to all the comments that were left on posts while I was away.

Yesterday had me walking around in a bit of a fog, as time changes cause this fogginess. I did go out and get groceries, and have started on the mountain of laundry.

However, I did mess-up in one way, and Cindy was quick to pick up our wooden soup stirrer in the kitchen
and with pants and underwear dropped to the floor, a very good number of spanks were delivered to my exposed bottom as I bent over the kitchen counter, to maqximize the effect of ea h spank on strecth tight skin.

Cindy was very thoughtful, asking questions about my actions, and after each response, although positive on my part, a number of spanks were given, and then another question, with more spanks. This went on for quite some time, and Cindy was very pleased with how red my bottom was when she decided I had been suitably spanked. My bottom is very hot while I sit and type this more than an hour later.
This is a photo from the internet, not me, but my bottom was equally chastised!!
Thus, we are back to normal at home, and although spanking was rare on our vacation, I am certain it while be full throttle in the next few weeks.

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methods of keep him quiet

If the neighbors have been complaining about their children hearing you spank your husband, here are a few suggestions
however, using this method outdoors still might be a problem
However, ladies panties certainly would keep him quieter, and submissive ( or maybe his own)
this, however, is a wonderfully sexy picture

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spanking art f/m

One more take on EndArt, whose art work was wonderful...

So today is a female boss unhappy with a male employee
his performance has been less than admirable
will his erection be how he is tugged over her lap
for a spanking that will create a fire for his bottom
His apology will be given while on his knees
but she might like a little more contrition as she informs her business associate that the problem has been solved
However, she may in future delegate his punishment to anothe rassociate whenever needed
 and she will warm to the idea, as she warms his bottom
take this as a warning for the future of all men working in an office
bottoms up