text spoken

Here is another little pastime you might try in the safety of your home, as long as the person who spanks you (your spanking partner) is not in range of hearing what is said.

Click the link below,(better yet, copy and paste it in another browser and have both half screen if possible), so you can see this photo on half of the screen.
Type the words on the screen into the text area which the woman with the slightly annoyed look on her face... will then state to you


You can even choose the language, so that you can imagine other ladies from your past saying the same spanking ideas prior too spanking your bottom

here are a few more to try,
but I am certain you know some of your own words that have been etched in your mind
while being scorched into your bottom
enjoy tell this to your wife to earn a spanking!
bottoms up


Baxter said...

really like the caption photos


Anonymous said...

That's a neat little trick! I entered one of my wife's favorites.
"I'm tired of your whining and complaining MISTER! I'm going to take your pants down, put you over my knee, and give you something to complain about. Now march to your room!" JayJay

Red said...

Baxter: all copied from other tumblrs..

JayJay: fun to put in spanking sayings...thanks for sharing one of your wife's favorites

bottoms up

smuccatelli said...

Great site! I spent like an hour trying the different voices and typing in different words. Too bad the voices sound so "robotic" and don't emphasize certain words or phrases. There's just something about a British accent... ;-)

Red said...

smuccatelli: very true.. glad you liked the site.. I do also
bottoms up