spanked by mistress tumblr

A reader who left a comment informed me of his tumblr, and as I had taken a photo from it (without actually remembering), I thought I would pass on the website to you. The photo is panys down and over my knee

Here is how he describes his tumblr:
I repost femdom pictures that I enjoy. The things I enjoy most are spankings (of any kind, with or without captions), pegging and any sort of female dominance, though I think I'll mainly stick to spankings here. I'm a 25ish male who is lucky enough to have a beautiful and loving mistress in his life. This blog will mostly feature re-posts, but I might also post pictures of myself when mistress decides that my spanked behind should be put on display. She already has decided that I should answer all your questions, so if you should have any of them, please ask and I'll answer as soon as possible. Enjoy!
Be warned: it also has transgender photos, which is not a problem for me, but may be for some readers.
Here is the link:

Personally, I hope that he advances to finding a partner, not just a mistress, because being dominated by a person who you love, and who loves you is far better than any financial arrangement!
bottoms up


QBuzz said...

Sam is obvoiusly letting standards slip, waiting til tuesday before getting the implements out!

Joyce Carroll said...

Red I think it is time I travel there and take you over my knee with Cindy's approval and bare that bottom and show you the WWII wooden clothing brush we use here.....you do need a discipline spankins.....and handling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog info red. Is it possible for you to put a link to it on your site?
I looked at it and like it. Be careful red sounds like Joyce wants to paddle you.

Dan Mel said...

Sometimes a Mistress is the only way for some men to achieve the fantasy they are looking for. It's really hard to find a woman who would be willing to spank. I was one of the lucky ones who found a wife who is dominant and will spank when she needs too. Sometimes I wonder if I was lucky to find her when I'm over her knee getting my behind blistered but afterwards I know it was for my own good.

Red said...

qbuzz: I am confused, but that is normal..

Joyce: It would be interesting (maybe??). You should send me a photo of the wooden clothing brush...Cindy would have to approve!

archedone: Joyce certainly does, but fortunately her husband has said no! (and I wonder if Cindy would let her) so it is a nice fnatasy.

Dan: so very well stated... It is hard to find a woman who will spank you, as it is hard to find a woman that you can love, and that she can love you.

bottoms up