parent teacher interview

A very old saying, when talking about children, is that the apple never falls far from the tree! However, very correctly corporal punishment has been removed form the schools for children, but it might be delightful if the teacher could spank the parent to help encourage them to be a better influence on their child!
The only problem with this is that some of my readers might encourage their children to misbehave...
so pick which situation you would desire: the cane
applied to your bare bottom
or a tawse in the teachers lounge
and then the principal wants a word or two with you  (maybe BEND OVER)
 but you must be dreaming if it is a bare bottom hand spanking at her house.
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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.....let me think.....The tawse in the principals office would be my choice. But I would probably regret that choice a few seconds after the whipping commenced.

smuccatelli said...

I know you discourage it, but couldn't spanking the parents (to "encourage" them to be a better influence on their children) because spanking of children isn't allowed in schools any more possibly encourage them to spank the little urchins at home?

Anonymous said...

Yes at one time schools were allowed to spank but somewhere along that line we forgot the rest of the story. If you happened to live in the city and you acted up at a friends house you got it from your friends parents. the worse part was when you got home and your parents found out the school or a neighbor had to punish you then you got it again for not behaving. People supported good behavior. Then we elected some politically correct people who felt no one should punish their child and they pushed for new laws. The only problem with that is they would not punish their children either. Some times things were better back then.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Maybe it's better that more adults get spankings - that they want - now, and less children. ;)


Red said...

JayJay: most assuredly

Smuccatelli: as this is a fantasy, then I can easily respond that it would not be passed on to their children, for fear that they would be spanked every school day from then on to the end of the year.

archedone: doubtful that they were better. simply a different era, and a different lifestyle.

Matt: agreed
bottoms up