learning not to say SHOULD (cane)

When informed i could stand up, she had me stay standing, while she added a few more hard cane strokes to the upper part of my bottom. These were really really felt. These are still visible on my bottom today, whereas the first ones have disappeared.

I have a dominant personality, and it surfaces in our relationship at times. It might be related to the work i used to do, and also my lifetime activity of officiating sports and coaching teams.

Thus, I sometimes say how something should have or should NOT have been done,

instead of phrasing it:
It might have been better if you had avoided such and such... as opposed to
saying bluntly: you should not have done that!!!

I do not realize I say this, but Cindy being upset with my saying should gets brought to my attention in a memorable way.

I had stated this maybe 20 minutes before, when Cindy entered the room where I was in, took a ruler out  of the desk, and told me to lower my pants and bend over. This was a plastic ruler, and although it did make my skin somewhat red, it was not really felt. She stopped after a little while, and I apologized and thanked her.

A few minutes later, while getting ready to go out, i stated that the spanking was not felt, and she MIGHT (not so slow a learner) want to use the cane to be more effective. It only takes a minute, and it WORKS! Cindy agreed.
Bare bottomed, bent at the waist with arms extended onto the bed to support me, Cindy gave maybe twenty quick short cane strokes, that were very effective.

I once again thanked Cindy for the spanking, and the problem is solved for now. Cindy's normal cane strokes are like the black haired lady in the gif below.. They are effective

My girlfriend, the one with the black hair, is a dominatrix. She shares her accommodation with the redhead and it was not uncommon for me to call in to see her and she would have a ‘no-show’. Someone who hasn’t the nerve to take a beating when it comes down to it. They would both be cross with such a timewaster and the least I could do to cheer them up was to offer my bottom. Soon put a smile on their faces. And trickles of blood down my leg.
Today, I definitely avoided the word SHOULD!!!

Slow, hard cane strokes are really effective, as are string rapid fire strokes
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Looks like you "Got It" good and proper there Red! Rapid fire strokes of the cane!! OUCHY OUCHY OUCHY!!! Bet you have some nasty looking stripes on your hiney from that spanking! Can I say that you "should" have known better? :)

Anonymous said...

I've never felt a cane on my bottom I'm sure it gets your attention. R has a rod from window blinds she will use at times to change bad habits and that is very ouchy and leaves welts.
I would say you asked for it and she gave it to you.

Tomy Nash said...

Well, you asked her for it very nicely.

Red said...

anon: very punny!!!! but true

archedone: very true

Tomy: True
bottoms up