gifs for the ladies (adventurous tuesdays)

so many different tumblrs, that it is a wonder that anyone has time to work anymore. However, maybe it is just us retired folks populating the web, and give office workers something to think about during their day.

Some women's (and men's) fantasies, and many women's desired reality

I found this on a site :     http://erotismo-italiano.tumblr.com/

the view is amazing

the enveloping supreme

the taste is delicious

This site is definitely worth a visit, assuming you are not TIED UP at the moment

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Is there a more beautiful sight than to have her straddling your head. Looking up into her eyes and at her very wet pussy? Your bottom still sting from the spanking you just got and she slowly lowers herself to your waiting mouth. Life is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the black seam on the stockings. And her gorgeous Ass of course!!


smuccatelli said...

As long as I've got a face, she's got a place to sit!

Love the "Basic Instinct" gif too...

Red said...

archedone: a wonderful time for both... life is great

matt: very true

smuccatelli: well said!!!
bottoms up