different strokes for different folks

First: your smile for today...
Why Are Vegetarian Women Silent During Sex....?
They Are In State Of Shock That A Piece Of Meat Can Give So Much Pleasure.....!!

thought for today... here are two different methods of living
whereas some men train their wives differently... read and find out

If Cindy is  unhappy with me, I would rather be spanked than argue or let her continue to be unhappy. This next photo of a smiling woman who is spanking her man says it all!!
What do you think?
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I feel it's better to keep the wife happy. But we are human and that is impossible. My wife and I are of the mind that if she is unhappy something should be done to correct that. Spanking me makes her and I happy so I gladly fetch spanking implements for her and present my bottom and we both end up happy. One is happy with a sore bottom but I love it.

Baxter said...

I like the last one. I would rather be spanked than have an argument as during arguments you say stuff that can get you in deep doodoo real quick. A good application of the paddle or belt or whatever takes care of the issue.


Red said...

archedone: absolutely perfect arrangement

Baxter: very true
bottoms up