Birthday Spanking

Birthday spankings do NOT have to occur on one's birthday, as one might have guests, or be traveling, where it is inappropriate or simply not possible.

Such was our situation, but Cindy played catch-up yesterday. I am over 60, but not wanting to be precise, let's say Cindy decided to give me the exact amount of spanks as years I am old! She also decided that they should be given with four implements, each having approximately 1/4 of my age, rounded upwards to make the same amount of strokes from each implement1

Cindy stated we should go to the bedroom, and in no time I was bare bottomed over her knew, after having retrieved the four implements. (The heart shaped metal studded leather paddle, The hurley stick sent to us from a friend, a riding crop, and the HEAVY wooden body shop bath brush!

The first implement used was the heart shaped paddle, as Cindy stated this was to signify our love for each other, and that I should count out the strokes. Each was counted, and delivered with great gusto, that had my feet jerking with each spank.

Next, was the implement shown here, and Cindy announced that this was for our EVER SO THOUGHTFUL, CARING, and LOVING friend from overseas, who just today wrote to me:
"John, however reads your blog frequently and I've promised him a spanking if he keeps going on lurking there. So now he has to put on a comment quickly. Or you might both be spanked at the same time. :-)"

Each of these spanks landed with a thud, and with plenty of wrist action, as Cindy remarked how our friend would want them well delivered, and effective. I was ooohhing and owwwing in, and with feet doing a little dance as each stroke was firmly, and slowly delivered.

Next up was the riding crop, so I had to stand-up, and kneel on the chair, as Cindy applied quick sharp spanks, where the leather end would land on my side, but the rod would be like a cane stroke! Having these strokes after the previous two implements, made for one very on fire bottom!

Lastly, Cindy picked up the heavy (DID I MENTION THAT IT IS EXTRMELY HEAVY) wooden bath brush, and made each spank totally effective. (feet dancing, me owwwing, cindy replying this is what you wanted!)

Finally, my age had been reached, but Cindy decided that two more (from each implement) to grow on! (obviously one for each cheek)

I thanked Cindy when she declared she was finished!

I was then permitted to look in the mirror, Cindy took a picture for me!

, and then we hugged, kissed, and had the most amazing love making! For our age, or anyone's age, it was tremendous! Cindy gave me the most amazing blowjob,  having me sitting on the chair, and her looking up into my eyes as part of the love making,

and then I reciprocated with my tongue and lips orally bringing her to an amazing orgasm.

So, John, if you are reading this, best leave a comment, as I will be sending a link to your wife the day after it has been posted!

PS: I wrote this more than 24 hours later, and my bottom is still very sore while I am sitting typing this post!

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

The way Cindy gave your birthday spanking shows she is in great form. The way you described the spanking is also great form. I'm also going to watch and see if John replies.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Red!!! That's a cute little red bottom you have there. Sounds like you had a great time!!! Hope you have a rerun on the actual day also. I love that last picture, it's a wonderful way to say thank you for a sound spanking. I have never had a BJ. I'm so jealous!!! :) JayJay

Red said...

archedone: very true.

JayJay: thank you..yes it is
bottoms up