beautiful when she is angry

A new tumblr has burst on the scene, and I think it is absolutely wonderful.. Gemma really has a way of putting words with pictures, that as she says are good for the office, as long as no one is close enough to read the words. These are samples from her site:

This is DEFINITIVELY appropriate for me, at times

Because, as this photo states, whenever any doubt existed and I was not spanked::
 and afterwards;
and this might happen to many men after they visit the beach

Gemma wrote to me: (I know this is a large amount of say nice things so he might post about my tumblr)
bottoms up


Baxter said...

that is great stuff.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Red! I really didn't just say nice things so you'd post about my tumblr account - but I certainly appreciate it!

A.J. said...

One really great line in line pic: "Hand me your belt, bend over and hang on!"

I'd hate to hear that said to me!

Anonymous said...

The captions fit the pictures really well. One that I've heard more than once is present your naked bottom to me I want a good target for a long spanking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I do agree with you ,I love it when my wife get really angry-often at me- and I get a big tingle, transmitted to my private parts very quickly and I feel very aware of my bottom !She sometimes takes me staight to her study removes any clothing covering my bottom then orders me to bend over ,selects a cane and gives me a sound whacking ! She gives me corner time which always means plenty
of slaps! T.

Red said...

Baxter: defintiely, Gemma is a gem!!!

Gemma: you are welcome! do tell us a little bit more of yourself. I will drop by often when not on vacation (which is often)

AJ: it would be rather frightening

archedone: ouch! the captions fit like a hair brush to a bottom!

T: sounds delightful (from a distance!
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

She has some great pix! I wish I could see the implement in each picture! Definitely adds some zest.

Booker Tee

Red said...

booker tee: she certainly does... the actual picture would not have any implements, but the sayings coincide nicely with THE LOOK!!!!
bottoms up