adventurous tuesdays

A somewhat random collection of different ideas that has a dominant woman and a submissive partner....

Has your wife ever had you lick your own climax out of her? This happens regularly if I climax in her first, because then I orally please her to her climax!  (but never been milked)
Be on your knees to her in public, with such a submissive position? Never doen this
Being naked and submissive in front of her friends? Only in my dreams
 however, I am certain many of my readers have done this (being naked over her  lap for a spanking)

Maybe you might like to comment about something that you have done as a submissive!

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Good post Red. Yes to the panties I wear them 24/7 and love it. Yes to licking her after sex we both enjoy it and has milked me 2-3 times I love it. Never knelt in public and no to being naked in front of company. Yes, yes yes to OTK many times. As submissive I help her clean the house naked and often present my bottom for her to assert her dominance by pegging me. She has also had me wear a bullet vibe while out in public with the control in my pocket and yes I have cum that way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I did like the last photo with its caption! How true!. I have found that to be the case a few times ! Quite recently I was trying to explain why I was late getting home from the Office, when we had guests coming for dinner ! Her reaction was total disbelief and told me if it was true I should have left the Office earlier! Anyway it would not stop the punishment caning she was going to give me next evening! I did try again next evening .supported with a bottle of wine and flowers ,to no avail ! 'Later she undressed me , notiicing that a certain part of my anatomy was very 'interested ' and whilst taking sips of the wine between strokes, she gave me a really very sharp caning on my bare bottom and thighs, raising painful red stipes! I was still feeling the effects next day in the offfice! T.

Red said...

archedone: wow, an adventurous life for certain, and thoroughly enjoyable.

T: glad to know your wife did not forget your punishment, and delivered it leisurely so that it was much more effective. Thanks for leaving comments. It gets lonely when you post and only a couple of friends comment

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Would I ever wear panties? Well, I have four pair, red bikini, black boy leg, gray with a big seam in the rear to accentuate the cleft, and white with a matching halter top.
I have done her orally after I cum. I really like it in the cowgirl position and she climbs up on my face with her soaking wet and sticky pussy.
I have never been naked and submissive in front of friends but her sisters know that she spanks me, and one of them was staying with us when I got a severe spanking, paddling, and mouth soaping for lying about my successes at quitting smoking. I was sent to the spanking room and told to wait. The wife said she was too angry to spank me right away. She and her sister watched TV together for an hour and a half while I sat upstairs waiting for my punishment. Finally The wife came in, scolded, scolded, scored and strapped me relentlessly until I thought she would never stop. It was all about the lying not the smoking.
Her sister came into the spanking room while I was in the bathroom being mouth soaped after the strap to deliver the paddle to my wife. She got quite a eyeful as I was standing there crying with a bar of soap in my mouth, tears in my eyes, and a freshly strapped blazing red behind. I was naked except for the shoes, socks and my pants and briefs at my ankles. When I went back out to get in position for the paddle sister got invited to stay to witness. She did.
I guess I have been submissive to her in public but never in a kneeling position. I've been threatened with a "trip to the woodshed" when I'm uncooperative when we are out and I'm sure some sales people in the stores have heard that.
And yes! for sure I've been over her knee. JayJay