what do you see first?

A little fun for today! What do you see first?
The paddle, the determined look on the woman's face, or the woman's breasts?
The clothed woman, or one of the naked ladies? (do not say the red shoes?)
The text, The lingerie, or the  dildo to peg you?
and always remember, it is the thought that counts
might she be saying
Her leading him, or ... the wet spot
 and my parting words are

bottoms up


Baxter said...

pic 1 - paddle, face and one boob and oh gee another boob
pic 2 - wondered what the one in the middle would look naked
last pic - saw the leopard seat of the chair and OOOOOHHHHH what a beautiful naked female bottom just waiting for the spanking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, You may find this surprising but I could not see further than the beautiful young ladies' twin attractions in the first photo, the paddle sort of disappeared from sight! However the sight of the woman leading leading the lucky guy by his penis ,to no doubt a good spanking, was stimulating ! I
I think women should adopted it as standard procedure! Once again a great selection of photos ! T.,

Red said...

baxter: agree with you on one and two, and definitely what a beautiful bottom waiting to be spanked in the last picture
T: you are welcome... Being lead ;is always fun
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

All three almost at once give a throbbing erection..........

Red said...

anon: enjoy
bottoms up