vintage ideas (humor)

A simple post for your amusement
sad but true> I well remember playing baseball with the guys at the park many days each summer
Do you remember, the telephone used to bring both excitement, and exercise having to walk to get it
Now we are a few generations past, as this cartoon shows
and texting in the old days was way more fun, and dangerous
 Happy teacher's day to all
and some people still pretend to go to school
bottoms up


Baxter said...

The adults are no better. I go out biking on trails near my home and a lot of people have a cell or tablet or something that has wires going into their ears and reading the screen OR they are blahblahblahing on their cell to some other bored person about what they had for dinner or what store they were just in WHILE they are out in the woods and fields, where there are beautiful flowers, lots of birds, things like that to enjoy. I enjoy the call of an indigo bunting or gold finch as I bike along. But those engrossed in their personal device miss them because they like to stay in contact and not miss an email or text or blahblahblah conversation. I think people should be relieved of their stupid personal devices and spanked and told to go enjoy nature.

ok off my soap box


Anonymous said...

Red this post is sad but so true. Our kids today miss out on so much and who buys them all these "toys"? Mom and dad who used to play sand lot baseball and football. Baxter hit the nail on the head. As one commercial says "go and smell the roses".

Anonymous said...

Hi ,,We loved the school picture from one of the 'adult' schools we have ! My wife likes the idea and wants us to clear a room we use for storage and put a table and chair in there so she can play the school teacher ! I can see her wanting a rack some where,, so she can hang a couple of canes and a strap! She also thinks I could be given detention in there
waiting for the cane! She really does have an inventive mind and I think it might be an idea ! I love the idea of bending over a achair in there for a good caning from my loverly wife, after she has removed my lower clothing !

Red said...

baxter: so very true, so much to see in life, and talk with friends when you are with them, not see everything they are doing at all times of the day.

anon: glad the photo was an inspiration. Get busy and make it happen. Life is too short not to enjoy every minute of it.

archedone: parents need down times, so some devices are useful, the way we used television when our kids were young. However, doing things with your children is the ideal, and letting them have inventive play with friends is wonderful.
bottoms up