timed spanking

Have you ever been spanked with a timer, such that the spanking will end when the timer goes off (or hopefully the spanking will end). Do tell if you have been spanked, or spanked someone while using a timer!

We have never done this before, but we were in the kitchen when Cindy got upset with me about something, which I have already forgotten.

She picked up a wooden kitchen soup ladle, and indicated I should immediately turn around, bare my bottom, and bend over the counter. Sensing how annoyed she was, I stated why not put two minutes on the timer, so that you will have sufficient time to vent and we will both feel better.

The reason for stating this is that sometimes Cindy does a few spanks, then  returns to her cooking, but remaining annoyed! Cindy enjoyed this thought, turned the heat down on the stove, and turned the heat up on my bottom.

Significant strong spanks, while lecturing me about what I had done, rained down on my bottom. Cindy just spanked and spanked and spanked, not pausing as on a leisurely spanking, and I was wriggling around a little, trying to move the spanks to a different part of the cheek, or the other cheek, but to NO avail.
I didn't even try to count the spanks, as my bottom was soon on fire, but there had to be at least 70 or 80 significant spanks.
Two minutes have never seemed so long in life!!!! This is probably something that will be repeated whenever necessary, when we are in the kitchen.
Your smiles for today:
This unfortunately, might be true than it seems...
 Some days, this is SOOOOO needed
and a very pleasant thought
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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Let me see if I get this straight. You wrote, " Cindy got upset with me about something, which I have already forgotten."

In other words, you >> don't<< learn anything from a spanking at all!

Admit it, Red, you're a couple of spankos getting your kicks, nothing more!

Ain't it grand? Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Did it once and it won't happen again. Two minutes over her knee for a merciless and relentless bare butt bath brush beating was pure agony.

Anonymous said...

We have never used a timer but she has set a number of spanks with each implement she is going to use. Yes I have to count the spanks but they are not rapid spanks. She gives a good hard spank then pauses while I feel the entire sting before giving the next one.

Anonymous said...

J. never used a timer (but, if she did, I a sure it would be set at least at the time required for a soft-boiled egg!)... Instead, she prefers to announce the number of whacks (or lashes) I am about to receive - and to have me count them out one by one (restarting at zero if I miscount)... Some times, I may be ordered to say "Thank you!" after each duly counted stroke...


Merryslave said...

One time I was over Merry's knee, and she set a timer for three minutes. Afterwards, she said, "Not doing that again, my arm gets too tired."
And my bottom gets too raw!

Red said...

michele: I am definitely a spanko, Cindy is much less of a spanko. I did not write about the spanking for more than a week later, and as I seem to annoy Cindy in the kitchen at times, the exact cause is unknown. Cindy is a wonderful cook, but sometimes is flustered!

anon: fortunately not a bath brush, and fortunately not rapid fire hard spanks.

archedone: slow, hard, but with space between spanks is effective

L: sounds delightful..

merryslave: very true
bottoms up

Tomy Nash said...

The timer appears to be quite an effective tool. I say that based on how one of our DWC friends manages things in her home.
She always delivers his punishment in terms of the timer. So I guess for them when she threatens by the minute, it is effective.

We were in their home once when she and my wife took her husband into their bedroom for a disciplinary session. I heard the noise from the living room. Two minutes was actually a really long session.

My wife and I talked about it later and even she was amazed at the woman's commitment and endurance as far as delivering the punishment. Well, the woman is in good shape so she can handle it. But it takes a lot.

And the guy? Well he does make the same mistake for a long time.

Red said...

Tomy: Hi. Not certain why I have not publicized your blog yet, so will put it on a list to do in the near future. Could you send me a private message and we could chat a little. We visit a part of California once or twice a year, and if close, maybe we could meet for coffee.
a two minute non-stop spanking could be quite daunting, and I am certain your male friend does not make the same mistake often, if ever again. The thought of being told two minutes, or three minutes, is quite a daunting idea.
Thanks for writing
bottoms up